Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well here it is five days since my last painting project. Ahhh, it feels so great to be done. You know? Because now my house is all set. Yes sir....

Except now Rebecca's room is sortof bugging me. Here's what it looks like.
Pretend it's not so cluttered.

Wow. It's worse when you look at in pictures. It's just so cold, you know? It wasn't too bad until Rebecca started putting the rainbow butterflies on the wall by her bed which really do not enhance the room. And then there is all the crap which she won't let me get rid of.

I am trying not to give into the urge to paint it a pale turquoise blue which is her favorite color and then use pink or red accents. Or maybe a pale lavender....What would you do with this room?

1 comment:

David Padrusch said...

I think Rebecca's room looks FABULOUS the way it is. :-)