Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A few junking treasures...

Lately I have been junking less. It has a lot to do both with the great junk purge of Spring 2011 and the sorry state of my checking account. Getting my house in order has made keeping up with it a lot easier and I am loathe to bring in more stuff unless it is six kinds of total awesome.

Last week I found myself with a few kid free hours so I went to Urban Renewals. I enjoyed browsing and scored a few things which were simply too good to pass up.

For Rebecca, I found a brand new North Face Denali Fleece in turquoise for $25. Now $25 is far more than I am usually willing to spend for anything at a junk store, but in this case I made an exception. This jacket is "the thing" for tweens and teens in our part of the country. Truthfully, I don't get it, but as someone who lusted mightily for Guess jeans and Coca-Cola shirts in the eighties, I understand the longing. At least these jackets are practical. They are super warm and comfy which they should be considering they retail for about $100.

For both girls I scored a Polly Pockets sized Hogwarts Castle for .99. It has secret passages, compartments, and is seriously cool for the Potter fans in my house. As a matter of fact, this blog post was written while Lily played with it next to me. That my friends is called a win.

In other news, we have returned from five days in the cape with my folks who fed us, spoiled us and got us through our last weekend without David. He arrives home on Thursday and our excitement is almost too much to contain. If you hear shrieks of joy on Thursday, it's just us, celebrating the return of our long lost love.


Pom Pom said...

Woo hoo for your hubby's homecoming! We need snazzy names for our thrift stores. Urban Renewals is a great name.

Mary said...

Utterly jealous on the North Face! Emma had one a few years back, because I got it on sale at REI for about $30. She wore it until I couldn't stand the sight of it! (It was the "shaggy" variety, and got very ratty looking.) She's dying for another, but I will NOT pay full price!

Cheryl said...

Thursday's almost here. I'm so happy I could just squee!

Kudos on maintaining your 8 on the clutter scale. Nice score on the North Face.