Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Extremely Abbreviated Update which is actually quite long...

The problem with disappearing from your blog for a while is that when you come back there's the sense of having to explain the absence and quite honestly, all of that explaining is too boring to even contemplate so I will give you an Extremely Abbreviated Update.

  1. Rented a house in Potomac, MD.
  2. Hosted a farewell Oneg service at our temple. 
    1. Wept like mad when the rabbi said nice things about our family.
  3. Threw ourselves a huge farewell bash. 
    1. Danced like mad.
    2. Wept like mad in Amy's arms.
  4.  Went to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving.
    1. Due to some overzealous turkey preparations dinner was ready at noon. 
    2. This led to turkey leftovers for actual dinner. FTW!
  5. Went to the beach and allowed children and dogs to frolic on the sand.
    1. Lily's frolicking may have involved getting very wet and required an impromptu clothes change in the car.
  6. Emptied out much of the basement so that my lovely neighbors could avail themselves of our stuff.
    1. Force myself not to weep like mad when the small kids table is carried away by sweet family down the street.
  7. Junked like mad with Amy. 
    1. Did not weep. 
    2. Ate nachos.
  8. Miscellaneous housewife nonsense which includes, but is no way limited to:
    1. laundry
    2. cooking
    3. cleaning
    4. watching Law and Order
    5. playing games on my iphone
    6. beating my husband at scrabble
    7. reading detective novels
    8. teaching the children
    9. driving the children all over town
This week I have also been Christmas shopping.

Lily's list is a pantheon of disgusting desires. She wants the zombie cooking toy that makes candy that looks like viscera and is served out of a skull. Additionally, she wants the toy that makes rubber bugs and a scar and wound special effects kit. Today she asked for a t-shirt that says, "I'm with Stupid", but honestly, I must draw the line somewhere.

Rebecca's requests are far more dignified. A book about gnomes and some art supplies are near the top of her list, as well as a gift card to Forever 21. What kind of a kid is Rebecca? When we went to the mall she went to Bath and Body Works and bought lip gloss and socks. Socks. Add a murder mystery novel and a cup of coffee and she is me.

This week I dragged at the Christmas stuff out of the basement to decorate the house. With the move looming in the near distance I didn't really want to go whole hog, but the children wailed at that notion so I decided to let them decorate with the caveat that I could "edit" afterwards. Not a decoration was spared. The downstairs is extremely festive. Seriously festive. Like Christmas exploded festive. I left most of it, because well, why the hell not.

 So, I think we are all caught up. I am going to try to blog daily.  I appreciate your indulgence and apologize in advance for my inevitable failure.


Kat said...

What fun to let the girls decorate! I can't wait until E can help us (rather than just "help" us).

I hope you keep blogging when you move to FarAway! Then, since I have not actually met you in person, it will be, for me, as if you were not so far! :-)

Gisele said...

"Seriously festive" sounds like Martha Stewart on a rampage. Eek! (I am sure it actually looks quite lovely and my kids would be in total awe.) Glad the update is a good one. :)

Insulation Sales said...

Family activities like this is great. It will help enhance family bonding and gives time to each other.

Cheryl said...

What Insulation Sales said only with more better grammar and some serious oomph!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

So good to hear from you, Sara! Quite a list of doings you've got here. I got a little weepy myself just reading it. Oh, go whole hog with Christmas, I say, and leave MA with a bang not a whimper.


TwoBusy said...


Except for the moving to MD part, which - while I respect, understand and appreciate it from every rational standpoint - I am obliged to BOO.

booksandcandy said...

I went to Cape Cod for Thanksgiving weekend what beautiful weather!

Laurel said...

My goodness, do you find time to sleep, woman?

Amanda said...

I am excited that you're moving to MD! You will really like the milder winters, I think, and just wait till you see the spring! There is a huge Jewish population, and plenty of good dance studios. I have a friend in Potomac whose daugher is a ballet dancer (a serious one).