Thursday, May 31, 2012

The view from the porch...

The last few days Rebecca has been in bed with a terrible cold, so Lily and I have been working hard on finishing up some schoolwork. She's almost done with spelling, reading, and grammar, but we are woefully behind on math, history, and science. We'll continue working on those subjects throughout the summer so that we are ready for fresh material in the fall.

After completing a big chunk of her work I gave Lily the sort of project she loves. I brought out our big dollhouse and put it on the porch. Lily's job today is to put the furniture and people in it. Back home Lily would spend hours sitting on the stairs, humming little songs, and narrating the lives of the dollhouse people. It is so lovely to see her doing it here, too.

I like this room a lot. It has a real summer feel to it and stays nice and cool.


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