Wednesday, October 6, 2010


You may not know this, but I do not like to travel.

Traveling means leaving my comfort zone.

Leaving my comfort zone triggers my crazy side.

My crazy side manifests itself as a main course of free floating anxiety with a side order of irritable.

Yesterday I started packing for our trip to New York City on Friday. Some trips are easy to pack for.

Going to the beach? Bathing suits and sunscreen. Easy

Going to an elegant wedding in New York City which will be preceded by a rehearsal dinner and followed by a brunch? Not so easy.

There is so much to remember.

In addition to needing to pack "nice" clothes, I have to remember all of the instruments of beauty- the curling irons, bobby pins, headbands, hair spray, steam rollers, jewelry, special cosmetics for nights out, Spanx, panty hose and a bunch of other stuff which I can't remember and won't bore you with.

We are also going to be doing some sightseeing so add comfortable shoes, jeans and sweatshirts to the suitcase.

Plus, my evening bag, bathing suits for the pool, ear plugs, my noise machine and special pillow.

What if I forget the girls flower girl dresses? Or my 7.99 thrifted Ralph Lauren gown? Or what if one of my dogs sneaks into the car when no one is looking and he comes to New York City with us?

I just know that I am forgetting something deeply critical which will cause the fall of civilization as we know it!

Usually I like to do a little junking to calm my nerves but I am too busy double checking my list and driving my children all over town to properly self medicate.

For now I am hiding under the covers and snuggling my dogs.

Feel free to send chocolate. Chocolate stuffed with xanax.


Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous weekend. I get through travel by telling myself that they have stores where I am going & I can probably but almost anything I need there.

Anonymous said...

The thing about going to NYC is, they have everything there. Even thrift shops. And kennels if your dogs sneak along. And drugstores for both chocolate & Xanax. Enjoy my City and say hi for me.


Ginger said...

I'm not much of a traveler either. Just short trips...
Have a great time. New York must be beautiful this time of year.

Tracy said...

I have a few antedotes for all of that.

1. Write lists. Put your list pad somewhere where you go past it often and just add stuff whenever you think of it. Then when you're packing you can cross those things off as you add it to your suitcase.

2. Begin a 'packing pile' a few days before, where you begin to gather the things you need, but don't put it in the suitcase til you're sure you're ready.

3. Think through the things you'll be doing and get out the outfits you need. Then try and see if you can get away with 1-3 pairs of shoes or double up on the use of other accessories. Go with one colour theme if you can. You get the idea.

Between all of those things I rarely forget anything really important. And the little thing I may have forgotten can be bought. Because towns (and big cities) have shops!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Cheryl said...

Give my regards to Broadway,
Remember me to Herald Square,
Tell all the gang at Forty Second street,
that I will soon be there.

So yes, it IS all about me.

Have a great time once you get over yourself.

Big Bahama Mama said...

I'm right there with you. Once Hal said something so stupidly obvious that I hit him and then relaxed. He said, "So you forget something? They don't have stores where we're going?"

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm getting ready to travel, too, and it's a weird trip, two different places, two different agendas (relaxing, then being a visiting author), both far from home. But I have to say, I comfort myself with the fact that there will be stores in the vicinity. Still, I'm with Tracy: make a list and start packing early.

Have a great time!


Gumbo Lily said...

Ha! I do hope you'll enjoy the trip eventually.