Friday, February 24, 2012

The bedroom, Mr. Bates, and the ants...

I am too tired for a proper post, but I must update you a bit.

First, Amy was here last week and it was wonderful! We, like every other good housewife in America have become completed obsessed with Downton Abbey. My blog friend Francis recommended it last year, but I never got to it until this month when I watched a few episodes and fell completely in love with Mr. Bates, or Mistah Baytes as the beautiful Anna would say.

We junked and ate nachos and tried on these Downton worthy hats. Quite lovely, I dare say!

I have also discovered Pinterest because it is what all the ladies are doing. It has enabled me to fully indulge in an obsession for bedding which looks like burlap. It all started at Homegoods where I spotted a pillow which led to a vision for my bed which simply had to be fulfilled.

This was the general look I was hoping for.

Notice the cup of tea placed next to the bed. I now keep a teacup on the floor at all times.

I love the neutral colors and nubbly textures. Of course the linen duvets I kept finding were all in the neighborhood of $500 which is an insane price for what is essentially gigantic sheets sewn together.

I had remembered seeing a duvet which might do at Target a while back, but last time I saw it it was marked down on the clearance rack so I had no hope of it still being there. Of course that did not stop me from heading over there where I found much of the old Shabby Chic line discontinued and long gone. I sadly wandered the aisles and finally, giving up, went off in search of ant traps. It was then that I made an amazing discovery! I found a clearance aisle far away from the bedding, and there it was! The very duvet I was looking for marked down to 29.97! It was as if the gods of Target shone a light upon me. I took it home and got to work.

This is the bird pillow which started the whole thing.

I found the blue quilt at TJMaxx and the dustruffle at Bed Bath and Beyond.

You'll no doubt be fascinated to know that the dust ruffle was originally white, but I used tea to dye it a pretty, well, tea-ish color. That way when the teacup gets knocked over it won't stain.

Did you notice that little bit I mentioned up there about ants? The weather has warmed and some small ants have made their way into the kitchen under the windowsill. If Mr. Bates were here I am quite sure that he would take care of it, but since he is not, I have resorted to ant traps which the ants are most assuredly unimpressed by. They must be English ants. More later, I must crawl into bed and dream of tea and butlers, ants and war.


Chunky Mama said...

Yay for marked down bedding!
I once fell in love with a $250 bed in a bag set atin a that I couldn't afford at a mall dept store. A few months later I found the same set for $50 at a flea market! Best day ever.

Chunky Mama said...

Holy cow, sorry for the horrendous typos above. My phone obviously hates me.

Cheryl said...

The womens have been doing Pinterest for such a long time that the mens have finally caved in and are pinning too. What in hell took you so long to find it? It's a perfect fit for you and best part is none of the pinned stuff will create clutter in your house.

Remedy for ants: Terro. Putting a large drop on a small square of poster board is fun. Watching the ants start coming from far and near is nothing short of miraculous and one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen. Knowing each one was carrying the liquid death back to the nest helped. Knowing the carrier and its cohorts were dying helped. Nothing, not even brain-bleach, has helped remove that image from my memory (been carrying it around for 14+ years).

On a brighter note, I may yet join in the insanity of DA and Pinterest. Doubtful, but maybe is the word of the day.

(Love the tea-stained linens but all those pillows frighten me.)

Gumbo Lily said...

I LOVE your bedding! It's so satisfying to hit a good sale on the stuff you really want. Love Pinterest. I can dream and have anything I want for FREE!


Jeanne said...

Where are you? I'm not allowed on FB until after finals so I'm missing out on any and all SRH witticisms. I'm still allowed internet access and have looked for updates about dead birds, homeschooling, junking and the hubs. Nothing. Since February. This is my not so subtle appeal to please indulge my procrastination. Thank you.