Sunday, February 6, 2011

The winter that beat me...

So there was more snow this week. And ice. Almost no sun. Just grey and cold and snow.

Things had gone kind of dark here at Shiny Red Houses. I don't like to use my blog for whining, so mostly I just watched Bones in bed and ignored housework.

By Saturday I had pretty much lost my will to live so I called Amy.

"Amy", I said, "I am going to Global Thrift today. I will be horrible company because life has no meaning, but you can come along if you want. It will probably be horrible."

Amy felt sorry for me so she agreed to shop with me.

It was there that my soul was once again saved by junk.

The aspect of my house with which I have been struggling the most has been my closet situation. My closet isn't even a real closet. It's just a small area tucked next to the stairs leading to the attic. Eventually, I'd like to get some Ikea wardrobes to create a wall of closet in our bedroom and turn the attic nook into a teeny tiny office area. But for now, the nook is my closet and it sucks.

Anyway, I walked into Global Thrift with Amy and went straight for the furniture section and it was there that I saw this sweet beauty.

The tag read 19.99, but when Jose, the Global Thrift employee saw me examining it he let me know that it was half off- just 9.99!

"I'll take it!" I shouted.

This acquisition got me thinking and planning. Maybe I could put it in my room. Maybe even in my closet!

So many possibilities! Suddenly, I could feel the sun coming out in my soul. I had a new project, a new reason to bother cleaning my closet.

It was no accident that this morning the temperature was 45 degrees and that the sun melted the ice on my driveway.

It was the junk. It saved me. It can save you too.


Pom Pom said...

Hi Sara!
Oh, I love it! What a treasure. This post does make me want to visit the thrift store.

Cheryl said...

The inside is gorgeous. It's like that thing has a soul. Thank gawd the shiny is back in the house.

Mrs. G. said...

Sister, you scored! It's amazing what a little treasure hunting can do for the soul.

sarah said...

oh, i hear you on this. in winter, we all need an Amy and an inspiring thrifty find.... so we can make it to the other side of February.

Gumbo Lily said...

You lucky dog! We never have any good junk around in my thrift stores.