Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still an idiot...

This post is going to be short because my hands are cramping.

Oh? Why are my hands cramping?

Well, David took the children out to the Berkshires to see cousins and grandparents and I stayed home so that I could undertake any number of completely stupid household projects which have been plaguing my fragile psyche for the last year.

Remember about a year and a half ago I blogged about how I had just painted the upstairs floors white, but that I hadn't sanded the girls rooms first?

Well, that paint job looked terrible. The painted really hadn't grabbed, which meant that it was peeling and scratched and just looked awful, especially compared to the hallway which I did sand and has held up very well.

Today, armed only with a dull putty knife and a small finish sander I scraped and sanded the hell out of that floor. I had thought that I would just be able to sand the paint right off.

I have rarely been so wrong.

Maybe if I had an actual floor sander and not some dinky four inch sander which loses its paper every ten minutes the paint would have come off. Instead, I spent nine hours scraping and sanding and washing and then scraping and sanding again before I was finally able to get the floor prepped for paint and get a coat on it.

My house has never been so squalid ever in the history of my life.

Do not stop by. I will hide under my bed and pretend not to be home until you go away.

Yours in stupidity,

Shiny Red Idiot


Anonymous said...

I hear there is this web site aroundtheshop.net that is even willing to field questions from housewives.

Pom Pom said...

Yikes! Too bad you don't live here. I'd send my hardwood floor son-in-law over to sand with his big scary machine!

Hen Jen said...

oh my, sounds like something I would do! On a regular basis, I will decide to spend the whole day deep cleaning- and then proceed to spend the whole day cleaning off the top of the fridge and scrubbing the groat in a manic way in a 2 ft area corner. Night will fall, and exhausted I will quit. My house will remain in cluttered squalor, but the top of my fridge will shine...!

hope your hands recover :(