Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Classroom or The Room That Made Me Cry...

Unpacking has been going pretty well. Basically my philosophy is to get the stuff out of boxes and in the general area where it belongs. For example, all of my clothes are unpacked and in the closet. The closet is however very disorganized. Once all the boxes have been unpacked in a meta way, I will go back and organize things in a micro way.

This strategy has made the house livable in record time which is nice.

I must confess that I did save the worst boxes for last. As of this morning the classroom was full of boxes of books. I love books. The kids love books. Books, books, books! After the seventeen box of books I was ready to burn them all and buy everyone Kindles. Can you imagine? All of those boxes replaced with a single device? Now I know many of you will be all, "Books are teh awesome! You are very, very wrong!"

Whatever. You come unpack the books and you'll change your tune.

I spent about two hours drowning in the books when I decided that I had had enough. This is how I left it.

At around 9pm Lily announced that she simply had to find the sixth book in the series she is reading and she began opening boxes and dumping more books onto the floor. In the very last box she found the book she was looking for.  Tomorrow I'll get back in there. I've got to get the room set up for school by Monday or my children will never be educated and my only accomplishments in this life will have been an unusual predilection for frequenting junk stores and an addiction to chocolate, and while I am not ashamed of these things, they are not quite the same as having children who can do math.

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Mel R said...

Oh I feel your pain. Our big cross country move in '09 involved about 20 or more boxes of books. One of the movers even said he'd never seen as many bookshelves as there were in my house. He also asked if I was a teacher...well, sorta. LOL After we moved into the new house I realized I might have a wee bit of a problem with having too many so I donated about 5 boxes worth. Then when we moved AGAIN this year and I had to unpack and put away all those books AGAIN, I am thinking perhaps I should downsize even more. I love books but honestly I do love my Kindle too. Sigh.