Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More news...

We've now been residents of the fine state of Maryland for eighteen days and I am happy to report that it is starting to get easier. One of the first things I had to do was align myself with a new grocery store. I spent the last few years braving the nightmare that is the Market Basket. The Market Basket is like a bad boyfriend. The crowds and weird set-up made me cringe and yet the prices were just so good. I dated visited different grocery stores in the area and they all sucked for one reason or another so I decided to go with the Rockville Giant. Want to know something crazy about the Giant? It is the Stop and Shop! The same logo, layout, and scanning guns! It's more expensive than my dear old Market Basket, but at least I can use the scanning gun and avoid the "fill the cart, empty the cart, refill the cart" madness at check out.

Now, that I have properly bored you with the tale of my grocery shopping I will get to the important news. I have found junk heaven. No, seriously. I thought my old junk stores were good. Ha! I was a fool! I have visited four junk shops within ten minutes of my home and they were all top notch. On Monday I went to a shop called Unique Thrift and found a great desk for Lily. It was originally 39.99, but since Monday is Customer Appreciation Day it was another 25% off! While there I found a beautiful deep red velvet Pottery Barn quilt for a song. I tell you, walking into that shop was like coming home.

Some of you may be wanting an update on that asshole cat Stan. I am happy to report that Stanley made a full recovery after the move. After a few days he emerged from the new basement and began his usual swagger around the house. The bad news is that he decided that 4am is the perfect time to walk around the house and howl. For two weeks I endured his miserable song and then I got smart and banished him nightly to the heated porch where he sulks and contemplates the state of politics and considers whether today's pop music is better or worse than the pop music of the past.

I would be remiss if I did not tell you that our family made a foray into Bob's Discount Furniture. You've probably seen the horrible commercials with Bob in his bright yellow shirt yelling excitedly about the great bargains to be had at Bob's. It was those commercials which kept me out of the store- I didn't want to encourage him. However, the time had come to pay a piper of sorts in the form of the bunkbeds which were promised to Lily once we moved.

"I know we are taking you away from the only home you've ever known and all of your dear friends, but we'll buy you a bed!"

Lily and I did a lot of bed research and naturally the bed she wanted was the super duper crazy expensive bed with stairs and a built in desk and maid service. It became my job to talk her out of it help her explore other options. We found our other option at Bob's. We found an inferior bunkbed, but one which she has been given permission to pimp out with black and hot pink zebra striped bedding, so maybe she did get the last laugh on this one. We also ordered a cheap couch, a cheap chair, and a cheap mattress. All of the furniture we ordered cost less than that one bed that Lily wanted. Once again, Lily's taste exceeds our budget.

All in all, we are doing better. Lily is generally cheerful. Rebecca has not cried at all today- no small feat! We made some new friends today thanks to the power of Facebook. (If you are not on Facebook yet, please go on it. It's fun and I'll friend you.) Everyday is better than the last and I have much to be grateful for. And am.


Gisele said...

We got a new recliney couch from Bob's this fall. Now we can both be cozy at the same time when we watch TV. And there are cupholder. It has no aesthetic charm, but it is So Awesome.

More importantly to you, the delivery people were on time, fast, efficient, and careful. Shopping therapy- a great side benefit if moving. Glad there are good places to shop!

Anonymous said...

I fucking hate Stan.

Chunky Mama said...

Glad to hear you are settling in and all is well. :)

Cheryl said...

Self-serve check-out! Scanning guns! Great junque! Bob's! A "bonkbed!" Pink & black zebra striping! Stan is still an asshole! It's all exclamation points all the damn time!

(So very glad Rebecca had a good day and you're finding the people and places you need to feel a bit more settled.)

Lisa said...

Well glad all is settling better. It will get easier. Heck the same grocery store here will pop up down the street TOTALLY different layout!! WTH??? SO I am glad you have that settled and JUNK!! Woo-Hoo!! Now all is right with the world.
Hugs, Lisa

Left-Handed Housewife said...

You know why I love North Carolina? Because I can shop at a grocery store called Harris Teeter. I think that is the most ridiculous, yet sublime name for a grocery store ever. When I lived in MA, I loved the Stop & Shop simply on the grounds of loving Jonathon Richman, who of course famously sang out his Stop & Shop love in "Roadrunner."

Hope Rebecca is feeling better. Moving is hard, especially at her age. I moved a lot as a kid (Army brat), and I remember it well.