Sunday, January 15, 2012

House updates and other nonsense...

I have now been a resident of Potomac for about a week.  I have not made any new friends, and as such have resorted to excessively chatting up the cashier ladies at shops. I compliment their hair and fashion choices. I make informed commentary about the weather. It's practice for when I meet a live one a neighbor who might like to befriend me.

Luckily, unpacking and working on the house has been a distraction from my abject loneliness friendlessness pathetic wanderings lack of adult social interaction. This week the children and I went to Ikea which it should be noted, is not a place improved by the presence of children. I love the children. I love Ikea. The two together make me grind my teeth and say uncharitable things to the children. "Stop talking! Mommy needs quiet in her head!"

Little wretches.

We were there to get Rebecca a new bed and not just any bed mind you, a four poster canopy bed. It's the sort of bed where Juliet would pine away for Romeo in. Dreamy isn't it?

Today I also worked on the guest room, or as I like to think of it, Amy's room. I find it very amusing that all three cats have decided that Amy's bed is the place to sleep.

Speaking of cats, as some of you know I have another little blog I started a few weeks ago. I like to think of it as a lighthearted blog full of good humor and fun. It's also pretty snarky. Give it a read if you are so inclined and if by some freaky coincidence you happy to live in Potomac please stop by with some coffee cake. It's a little lonely over here.


Elizabeth said...

Love the canopy bed! You will have new friends soon, I am sure! Until then you can visit all us friends in blog land!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I hope you make friends soon. A girl needs friends in January. Send me your address and I'll send you a postcard. The postcard will be your friend until your real new friends come along.


Louie Cunningham said...

Your bedroom is fantastic! I love the curtains draped around your bed. It looks relaxing and dreamlike.