Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beer and Cheezits- Friend Bait

As some of you may know tomorrow is my 40th birthday.

I've been feeling kind of sad about this, mostly because I have been missing Amy so much. We've spent the past bunch of birthday's together and when David told me earlier in the week that she couldn't come visit I didn't want to believe him.

I kept hoping that it was all a ruse and that she would in fact be coming. As today went on I searched for clues as to what David might have planned, and as nothing seemed to be happening I got very very depressed.

All week I have been secretly preparing for Amy. I bought beer and cheezits, put fresh pillowcases on the guest bed, and quietly hoped that come Thursday Amy would arrive. It got to be so that I could picture her walking into the house and in every imagining I burst into tears at the sight of her.

By this afternoon I gave up hope. It seemed like the cheezits were not going to be enough to make Amy magically appear and I became despondent. I would turn forty without nachos, without junking, and without my best friend.

This may be why when David suggested that I go junking tomorrow by myself I began to weep and he was forced to perform a noble act of mercy and ruin the surprise that my dear sweet Amy is coming tomorrow.

Thank fucking god, because man, it was looking bad over here.

Watch out Potomac- we'll be getting our freak on!


Dawn Smith said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! Junk on, sister!

Jody Sullivan said...

Happy 40th Sara! Hope you and Amy enjoy your visit...and I will tell you with almost 6 months of being 40 under my belt, it doesn't suck!
Have a happy!