Monday, July 16, 2012

Lame, boring housewife nonsense...

I think that I may have mentioned once or five times that one of the top five reasons that I like to homeschool is because I do not have to wake up early to do it. Waking up early just feels, well, unnatural. Unpleasant. Just plain old wrong. Left to our own devices the children go to bed at about 11pm and I fall asleep around 1:30am. Then we all sleep until about 9:30 and honestly, it just feels so damn good.

This week however Rebecca and I are living like normal Americans and getting up early so that I can have her at horseback riding camp at 9am. Look, I know that it's not actually that early, but it is to us so you can just shut up.

Anyway, I woke up at 7:30 this morning so that I could get Rebecca to camp on time. This meant that I took the dogs along with me to camp where they had the thrill of barking at horses, growling at bicyclists, and shedding all over the car. I am just grateful that they are no longer covered in dead deer. After I dropped Rebecca off at camp I headed straight for the dog walk where, strangely enough, the deer bits were gone.

Where did they go? Where they eaten by a bigger dog? Hauled off by a psychopath?

I may never know.

The point of this is that by 10am I had finished the dog walk and had nothing but time and housewife chores to occupy my day.

Isn't this the most fascinating post you have ever read? Can you believe I don't have a book deal by now?

I did laundry, swept, and most importantly, cleaned out Rebecca's room which was, well, a horror.

Now it is 7:45 and I am properly exhausted. I still have some very important scrabble games to deal with and maybe I'll clean out the dryer filter.

Let's just all hope that something legitimately exciting happens tomorrow or I may have to resort to posting my grocery list.


Anonymous said...

I still think this post is book-worthy. I love your writing!

Jody Sullivan said...

I would be intrigued to see your grocery that's good reading!
So far mine has:
Hot Dogs
Feta Cheese

Julie said...

Ooh, bits hauled off by a psychopath! Probably going to make a dress out of them. I'm sure that's never been done before.

Night Owl Mom said...

LOL It is pretty rare I commit to anything before 10am. After noon is best.