Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Six Months...

On July 7th, we arrived at the six month anniversary of our move to Maryland, or as I like to call it, The South. People like to correct me all the time that Maryland is not The South, but since I most definitely used to live in The North, I will continue to say it. Plus, it amuses me.

Now that we have been here for six months I thought it might be a good idea to write a post move status report on Chez Shiny.

Professional Lives of the Adults:
David's job is great, though he eats out at so many swanky restaurants he has become a food snob. I continue to have a revenue stream of exactly zero, though I have devised a plan for making money someday when the children are off leaving their dirty clothes on their own floors and not mine.

The Children:
The children seem to be very happy.

Lily is always wandering the neighborhood like a young thug with her best pal A. They coordinate their outfits for maximum effect and scheme of ways to get ice cream money from me at the pool. (They have figured it out. They wait till I am enjoying myself and nag me until I throw money at them just to get them to go away.)

Rebecca also seems to be enjoying her new life. She gets to ride horses and work in the barn which fulfills many of her dreams all at once. She's made a good friend, enjoys the neighborhood kids, and delights in the autonomy of being a 13 year old with the overdeveloped sense of responsibility one usually finds in a 65 year old pensioner.

The Dogs:
Reliably idiotic. Less eating of feces from Sophie (Good). More peeing on Lily's bed from Pugsley (Bad).

The House:
We have now lived here long enough that I know exactly what should be done to it, but it is not my house so I stick to rearranging furniture and puttering about with my things. The owners did give me permission to paint the kitchen, but I am desperately trying to resist the urge.

The Junk:
The junk is a freaking dream come true. I could junk everyday here. It's abundant and cheap and glorious.

Home School:
After a rough start to the year I feel like we are really figuring it out. I've been teaching Lily by using The Phantom Tollbooth as a cornerstone and I can honestly say that it has changed everything. Similarly, I am using my AP English Poetry book with Rebecca and we are both loving it. This year we'll add some French and an online science curriculum.

Beasts, Vermin, and Carrion:
The ants in the Keurig incident of 2012 will always be remembered as the moment which reminded me why it's a good idea to always have wine in the house. There have been no other incidents in the house, for which I am grateful. In the neighborhood we have seen deer, woodpeckers, bunnies, groundhogs, and an egret- all alive. There was a mouse which insisted upon entering its death throws in the garage so that I could drive over it, but David disposed of it before any actual decomposition occurred. I was not so lucky with the deer carcass on the dog walk which smelled so foul and was so bloated, that I, an aspiring private detective could only gag, retch and hold my breath as I went past.

Speeding and Parking Tickets:
Some things are best left unsaid.

Medical Maladies:
Two cases of vertigo
One ear infection
Three sinus infections
One pulled hamstring
One wrenched neck
Many bug bites

Overall very nice, with the exception of the Derecho, which was an unmitigated bully.
No one has any tattoos and almost everyone is a lawyer. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Maryland is a great place which is mostly living up to its potential. Improvements would include friends and family moving here, fewer traffic cameras, and a corner bacon shop. A few tattoos would be okay too.


Christine McDonald said...

And better dance studios as well!!

So glad you are blogging again. I missed it terribly.

I am so happy that you are all adjusting and enjoying your new home. We miss you up here in the north!
Lots of love,
Christine & all of your friends at Dance Place

Julie said...

Missing: No cases of Plague, no tripping up stairs, a noticeable lack of paint.

And you thought we didn't pay attention...

Night Owl Mom said...

Great update. I'm glad you are all settling into your new community so well. We're still working on it here after one year. What online science curriculum are you looking to use? I need something for my soon to be 13 year old this year and not really sure what to use. I was going to continue with Moving Beyond the Page for science but now I am not so sure.