Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why I am not a beauty shop guy....

Today I am taking Rebecca to the beauty shop to get her bangs trimmed. I know. I am paying money so that my 10 year old can have 4 inches of hair on her forehead trimmed. I have to because I swore to her that I would never cut her hair myself again. It's because of this.

See the sadness? She's trying not to cry.

After this picture was taken there were lots and lots of tears.

I did that by cutting her hair and giving her bangs. She hadn't had bangs since she was three. I thought it would be cute. And fun! It turns out that cutting bangs on thick wavy hair is not as easy as cutting bangs on straight fine hair. Now I know. I was in over my head.

I made an emergency 911 call to my hairdresser Toni who made it all better.

This how she looked after Toni waved her magic scissors and hairdryer over my babys hair. So beautiful. And she forgave me. Mostly.

Here's Lily. See how straight and fine her hair is? So easy to cut and not look like your mom cut your hair. She got a fancy hair cut that day too. Because I am a mom who would prefer having two children happy with me than just one.

See this sweet guy? No hair cuts required!


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful mommy

thea said...

welcome to my world, Sara. Personally, I even like the ANGLED bangs you started with. That's what they are when they aren't even. Just take a look at Maya's wavy homecut hair.

TJIC said...

Lilly is so super-cute. Always smiling! Hopefully you're wrong about her career...