Sunday, May 31, 2009

Whiners, grouches and cupcakes

You know how there are some days that just seem destined to suck? Today was that day. It's Sunday which is supposed to be the day that we all sleep late. Sleeping late around here means 8am. So when I woke up to the sound of Rebecca crying at 6:30am I knew we were not off to a great start. Rebecca's whimpering woke up Lily, who, still tired from Fridays sleepover, began grouching loudly. There was only one thing to be done. Turn on the tv and pray for a miracle.

You don't need all the details, just trust me when I say that most of the morning involved Lily whining and Rebecca yelling. It was awesome. I realized that there was only one way to turn this day around.


Once the children heard the word cupcakes the day was transformed. I even took out all the sprinkles and let the kids go to town decorating. You can tell by looking at the pictures. I prefer a "less is more" approach. The kids are firm believers in more is more. Even David got in on the act. Look at how cute that man is!

After the cupcake induced bliss, the gods of refined sugar were celebrated in a raucous rain dance. Not a bad ending if you ask me.

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