Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Free and weird...

The girls and I have been relaxing on the cape for the last few days with my folks. Mostly we have hanging out and on this trip we are avoiding the beach because we are all done with that.

Sand. Wet towels. Sunscreen. All. Done.

Today we engaged in the most precious of Cape Cod rituals. We went to the Dump. At the Dump, there is a Gift House filled to the brim with Free Junk.

If I lived here I would be a Gift House junkie. I'd put the kids back in school and sit outside of the Gift House lying in wait for people to bring in their cast offs. I'd pounce on the good stuff and eventually get arrested for being a public nuisance.

You won't be surprised to learn that I found a few things.

First, I found this bag which I love with all of my heart and soul. But not as much as I love my dogs. But almost.

The label says that it was Made in Italy for Harrison.

Someone put this groovy lion zipper on it. I love it. I have no idea why.

The other thing I found is a mystery and I am turning to you, dear internet to tell me what the heck this is.

It seems to be a tree which is being climbed by two happy dolls. They each wear a smile and a backpack. They are hand stitched.

The tree which they are climbing is hung with clothes and other assorted items...

a broom.

a club,

a pan flute,

a dress,

a halter top,

and a roast chicken engaged in an unnatural act with a carrot.

Has anyone seen one of these before? I love the colors and all of the small clothes, but I am desperately curious to find out what this is.

That's all I have for today. Tomorrow we return to the House of Squalor and Dog Hair home. I will vacuum animal hair, the children will bitterly complain about our scratchy line dried towels and I will contemplate the grocery store.

Maybe we should just stay...


Cheryl said...

Sumbitch. I haven't laughed this hard in a week! I think that thing belongs to me. Grammy Mitchell was known for sewing things and using debarked tree branches as racks for small dolls and their clothes. She usually kept the chickens engaged in unnatural acts with vegetables out of my parents' sight.

Both Michelle and I each had one of these. She still has hers so this must be mine. I want it back.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what it is, but do not pass it by...it is delightful...and free...and who care about the chicken and the carrot!!

Lisa said...

Love the dump! Enjoy your new goodies!
Hugs, Lisa

Gumbo Lily said...

I love scratchy towels from the line.


Saguaro Chick said...

I am imagining a small Italian child playing with the precious little tree and sweetly sewn goodies hanging from it....which we could pretend was delivered with the awesome bag that came from Italy...which was probably owned by someone born in Italy in August....sign of the Leo....my imagination is running wild this morning....apparently I had just the right amount of caffeine this morning...and it is only 6:20 a.m......

Anonymous said...

Um, would you consider selling that amazing bag to an Indiana girl that really, really "needs" that bag? I mean, it is totally not a want. Truly a need. :) Man, would I like to junk where you junk. You should organize trips for people. :)

debbie bailey said...

If I ever get to Cape Cod, I'm visiting that shop. What a great place!