Sunday, September 26, 2010

How not to junk...

Yesterday was one of those crazy days where David and I found ourselves with about four kid free hours in the afternoon. He had just finished up a huge deadline and wanted to spend time with me.

"What do you want to do?" he asked. "You choose!"

Well, I did a crazy thing. I took him junking.

I took him to Urban Renewals first. The last time we were there together, Lily was a baby. I think that David had blocked it out because somehow he had forgotten that junking includes shopping for clothes.

"I didn't know that junking meant clothes." he said as he filled a cart with jeans and shirts.

"Don't you read my blog?" I asked rather pointedly.


He then tried to convince me that he absolutely would wear the pleather pants he picked out and look, they only cost 7.99! Some men handle turning 40 by buying a convertible. My husband wanted $8 black pleather pants.

After prying the pleather out of his hands David announced that he was hungry, so we finished up our purchases and went to the restaurant next door.

He ordered a cocktail and a cobb salad. I stuck with seltzer and nachos because I know that mixing alcohol with junk is not a good idea.

After lunch we went to the Goodwill store down the street. David went off in search of jeans and I made my way through the store. After about 15 minutes he appeared in the dressing room. Five minutes later he announced that he was tired, he was done shopping and he had a headache.

Unless I wanted to go make out in the fitting room.

Which I did not.

David found a chair and sat himself down in it while I finished shopping.

We learned so much from our outing together.

1. David can only go to one junk store in a day.

2. Never have a cocktail halfway through junking.

3. Pleather is not the answer to 40.


Pom Pom said...

How funny! I think it's cute that David wanted to try stuff on. Most men HATE doing that. What did you buy?

Cheryl said...

I was smiling before I even opened this thing. Lucy should never take Ricky along for this particular ride.

David W. Padrusch said...

For the record, making out is not what I wanted to do in the dressing room.

Anonymous said...

As usual your blog made my day. & I'm glad you enjoyed the 4 kid free hours...I enjoyed having the girls with me! Love lily's hair!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, let the man get his pleather pants! I would pay to see my husband in pleather. Oh, my goodness, I would actually pay money to see that.