Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Suburban miracles...

The past few days have been rather trying for me.

First, I lost my keys.

The loss of my keys made me very, very cranky. I tore the house apart looking for them- under the couch, in all the bedding- I even checked the freezer. No keys. More specifically, no expensive-to-replace-automatic-door-opening key fob.

In the midst of the great key loss, another tragedy befell our family. The dvd player in the car stopped working. There was sound, but the screen was black.

I understand that many people drive their children around town without a movie playing.

They are better people than me.

I talk to my kids all day long. They talk and talk and talk.

I count on the car to give me some quiet. I listen to the radio, think private thoughts and check out from the children for a while. It's my happy time when I recharge and prepare myself for the next wave of chitchat.

So between the constant "Where the hell are my keys???" freak out in head and the incessant babble of the children every time we got into the car- well, my crabbiness had reached epic proportions.

But then lo, a suburban miracle occurred. As I was driving the kids to the pool ("Mommy, will the water be warm? Mommy, when will the next Harry Potter movie come out? Mommy, want to hear me burp?") I had a sudden thought about where my keys might be! As soon as we got home I looked and there in the dog drawer, in the dog walking fanny pack were my keys. Hallelujah! Let this be a lesson to good people everywhere that a fanny pack is never a good idea.

I was so happy.

But then, it got even better. Lily and I got into the car and on a whim she opened up the screen to the dvd player. The screen, which has been black for a week, the screen which Toyota quoted me $450 to replace was suddenly functional again! We drove in ecstatic silence.

Keys and silence. All my dreams came true.


Tracy said...

I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only parent who enjoys silence in the car. We also have constant chatter that fills every other moment of the day.

No DVD player in our car though...just the radio. But it keeps them quiet. Chalk it up to years of training in the life pre car-dvd players. Some of us had no choice.

Cheryl said...

If you were less organized, you'd know exactly where your keys are at all times. That's how I manage until company comes and everything gets put in its proper place. Proper places are not good places.

Very happy about your dvd player coming to life. Mercury retrograde has finally gone away for good. Until the next one.

Saguaro Chick said...

Fanny packs have always been a pain in my ass too! They are like the lost and found. If something is lost...usually found in the freaking fanny pack! ....and thank God for the car DVD player. Silence... beautiful silence. I'm on your side!


ENNID said...

I used to offer my girls money for a silent ride! (It was the eighties and a quarter did the trick). Of course, one of them - you can probably guess which one - still talks nonstop in the car!

AprilS said...

I loved going to the Renaissance Festival with my Mom every year! Being a kid at one of these things is just so much fun. Complete immersion into fantasy and imagination doesn't happen often.

Was always a great bonding experience. Also fun to watch the event grow from tiny to ginormous in a few years.

Sounds like you had fun despite the high price tags these things entail nowadays.