Monday, September 20, 2010

Proud to be...


How are you today?

I am fine, though very tired because we went to a party Saturday night and I am still tired. That's how lame I am. I stay out until 11:30 one night and 48 hours later I am still wrecked.

The party was to celebrate our dear friends Carola and Horacio who became American citizens last week.  There was dancing, and merriment and good cheer.

They have completely adopted American humor.

Our pal Geoff led us in a sing along of Neil Diamond's "Coming to America".

Geoff felt that they could not call themselves real Americans until they had sampled that uniquely American delicacy- the twinkie.

They were game!

We also learned a few things about our own family.

Rebecca looks about sixteen when she wears her contacts. Yikes! 

Lily can do this crazy hip hop helicopter dance move! (Big shout out to Lauren at the Dance Place who is Lily's hip hop teacher! Holy moly, the kid rocked!)

We also learned that I love holding sleeping babies. (Shout out to Carlene and Geoff for making such a sweet baby and sharing him with me!)

The most important thing we learned is actually something we already knew.

That we are blessed to have so many friends and so much love in our life.

 Congratulations again to our newest and most favorite citizens. America is better for having you.


Pom Pom said...

Oh, what a sweet post! The girls are adorable and they are SO BLESSED to have you two as parents. YOU look happy as a clam with that baby, Sara!

Cheryl said...

Special thanks for this one. Welcome to the land of the crazies Carola and Horatio. So proud you are here.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

That party looks like a lot of fun. I'm sure I'd still be recovering from it mid-week. I no longer party like it's 1999, I party like I *am* 1999.

You and the girls look adorable (and Rebecca does look 16--scary!).

Congrats to your friends!


Lori E. said...

Aw, that is so great! The pics, new citizens, sleeping babies... Very sweet...