Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am an idiot, Part 487...

How many times have I begun a post with the words, "I am an idiot."?

I do not know. Nor do I know why I continue to be an idiot; it just seems to be one of those things at which I excel. I will say that there seems to be a very strong correlation between impatience and idiocy.

Having said all that, I think I am ready to begin my sorry tale.

On Thursday, I got a message on my computer that my start up disc was almost full. The reason this message was vexing me more than usual is because I wanted to download the next to last episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent with Bobby Goren. I have been waiting for just the right mood before treating myself to those last few episodes with my favorite detective.

Usually when my start up disc is full, I get up off my bed, get my external hard drive and transfer a bunch of pictures to it, thereby clearing up space. On Thursday, I am sorry to say, I was just too lazy to get out of bed to retrieve the hard drive, so I thought I would be very clever and run a disc sweeping program which would locate files I did not need and delete them.

I ran the program. I deleted many things. Then my computer crashed and would no longer accept my password.

That is how I came to spend two hours with my butt perched on the exceedingly uncomfortable stools at the Mac Store getting my computer fixed.

Observations from the Genius Bar: Every genius working there had a beard and has been trained not to laugh at people like me who inadvertently delete all of their utilities, passwords, itunes library and pictures. They were very, very kind. They put in a new hard drive for free since mine was just limping along and even managed to salvage a few things from the old one.

After surviving the shame of the Mac Store I felt that it would be a good idea to step into Godiva for some medicinal chocolate. Four chocolate covered cherries, a hot bath and I was nearly recovered.

Now I am thinking about cutting my hair short. Again. After spending a year growing it out.

Am I being an idiot or inspired?

I may need an intervention.


Tracy said...

One of the guys who works for Dh deals with my computer. He's a genius with the thing. Either than or I'm very easily placated.

As for the hair...I cut mine short a number of years back and ended up growing it back to shoulder length and attempting to keep it there. I had long moments of analysing to get to that decision. I decided I need to be able to tie my hair up or I get too hot. And when I get hot I get grumpy. And floppy. And I don't cope.

You need to analyse what you need your hair to do. Sounds completely ridiculous to invest so much brain power to such a thing. But it's worth being content with your hair.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, Lordy, this sounds like something I'd do, and really, I'm amazed that I haven't. Bless those nice young folks at the Apple store for not mocking you.

I spent four years (more or less) growing my hair out and now have chopped it off, much to my delight. I love having short hair. But that's of course because I so closely resemble Isabella Rossellini. My burden to bear, my dear.


Sara Padrusch said...

@Tracy Hahaha! Yes- exactly. I hate how my hair feels on my neck. I love your suggestion. I will spend the evening contemplating this my hair needs. xoxo

Sara Padrusch said...

@Francis- I completely agree. I saw the pix you posted a while back of your hair short and I agree- It really suits you. I just have to be careful that I do not make a rash PMS fueled hair decision. Can be dangerous! xoxo

Katherine said...

I second the advice: don't make a fast decision!
I love my long hair (almost waist-length), and I cried the one time my aunt talked me into cutting it chin-length.
It takes *forever* to grow out long hair, but only minutes to cut it short. That said, long hair isn't for everyone: some people look really cute with short hair and there are certainly days when short hair would be way easier with the baby.

Pom Pom said...

You are adorable. Aren't those Mac people smart and nice? I'm awed by them. I always think of you, Sara, when I consider the Godiva store. I may have to have a little "artist's date" to that exact location - TODAY.
I've cut inches off my hair and nobody notices, except for my darling eighth graders. One girl said, "I'm missing your hair." I also got new glasses (very owlish) and only one kid noticed and two weeks later, my son noticed. I think it is good to ponder haircuts for at least two weeks, REALLY allowing yourself to consider what it means to eliminate the pony tail option. This is serious.

Cheryl said...

Long hair is an age thing. While you still have options, I'd err on the side of keeping it longish. Pony tails & Snookidos: if you cut it short, faggadabout choices.

Terri said...

Sara, this post couldn't be more timely. You recently e-mailed me about using blogger to start my own blog. I've been struggling with the lingo and am finding it very hard to put pictures where I want them. I picked a template that I liked but then found someone else using it. I've been reading blogs for a few weeks now and it seems everyone else is quite savvy and talented. I've been so frustrated that my daughter who is living in England sent me a book called"Blogging for Bliss" to try to help me. I got the book yesterday and well, we'll see. Back to you. I check your site everyday and when I read about your crash, I truly sympathized. Thanks for sharing. I feel that I'm not the only one with a computer headache.
As to the hair question. I agree with Cheryl. Long hair definitely has an expiration date. If you still like it, keep it.
Love, terri xo

Anonymous said...

Terri, don't use Blogger. It's the worst of the blogging website out there. Of all the consulting I've done helping with blogging, WordPress is the best. It's simple to get going and yet lets you up grade if you want more control or features. If you go WordPress, I don't have any problems with helping you get up and running.

Anonymous said...

Sara, there's a glitch in Apples OS that has been causing laptops to crash like yours. They didn't give you a new hard drive out of the goodness of their heart. They just want to keep the issue quite.

As for the hair, do as your husband says.

alice said...

I love the mac people. They couldn't do a damn thing about my last laptop when it went splat, but they were excellent about explaining *why*, and were super nice about it. I even got a super-duper coupon for my troubles!

I, too, hate the feeling of hair on my neck! Which leads me to two extremes, either growing it long or shaving it off. I'm a reformed dancer, so I'm used to the hasty bun-head look, but I've been known to take a buzzer to myself on occasion and start fresh. I *love* having almost no hair, I love my long hair, I just hate that confusing part in the middle where the usual bun-head solution is out of the question.

I shaved it all off a few years ago for a charity event, and decided to grow it back in without dying or bleaching it (which is a total deviation for me) so I could donate my hair when it hit 10". I'm almost there, and... well, feeling a little conflicted about The Chop!

Thea said...

On the hair, having just done the very thing you're considering: Go to Toni, who knows you and your hair if you do it.

Do NOT go anyplace you're near when the whim hits you. I'm already one re-cut in and still wishing I had done it right to begin with!

(but I do back the short thing, a fun change)