Monday, January 31, 2011

In which I get mail...

Sometimes readers send me things. I love getting things in the mail. As a matter of fact, getting the mail everyday thrills me. What treasures will the mailbox hold? A glossy home magazine? A mysterious love letter?

Usually it's just bills, but sometimes it's a complete surprise.

This is what arrived in my mailbox this week. Julie sent it to me because she knows what I love. Which do I love more? Julie or chocolate? It's a very close call.


This week I was also very surprised to find a package addressed to Shiny Red Houses. There are three men who I know read my blog. My dad, my husband and Michael.

Michael is a funny guy. He has no kids. He is not married. He has fancy cats. He reads my blog and sometimes he sends me stuff. This time he sent me two books.

I adore these books. Home Comforts is a comprehensive explanation of how to clean and care for your house.

Martha's Homekeeping Handbook is astounding. She tells you how to do everything. I am spending a lot of time right now looking at her pictures of closets. I love closets. Will someone please send me a closet in the mail?

Why did Michael send me books about housekeeping? The cats told him to.

You may also be wondering where I have been this week. I am almost too embarrassed to tell you.

I have been watching Bones for hours on end, letting the filth and squalor of the house pile up while I imagine my life as an FBI agent. Or more specifically, I imagine my life with this FBI agent.


A dream boat.

Okay. Send closets or Seeley Booth. Hell, send both!


Anonymous said...

The interesting thing about sending things to married women is you end up getting friend requests on Facebook from their husbands.

Anonymous said...

There at least 4 men who read your blog...Jack does also. xoxo Mom

Thea F. said...

And an FBI agent who used to be a vampire! ;)

TJIC said...

I've got Home Comforts.

I like that book.

The crazy lawyer lady author has the OCDs worse than me - she's a loon!

OTOH, did she spent 9 hours building a new spice rack and alphabetizing her spices?


That was ME.