Monday, January 17, 2011

A little bit of blogcleaning...

Today I spent some time thinking about blogs and content.

I follow a lot of blogs, and up until about five minutes ago I had them all on my blog roll sidebar like the dutiful little blogger that I am. However, I realized that of the almost forty blogs I follow, only a handful provide interesting, well written content. I like pretty photoshopped pictures and extravagent giveaways as much as the next person, but what I really love in a blog are honesty, humor and vulnerability.

With this is mind I have updated my blog roll. The links are somewhat random. Some reflect my interest in home design and decor. Several feature homeschooling and at least one features a fiddler. Each has something which brings me back to their site again and again. I urge you to check them out.

Dooce is a rock star in the blog world and she deserves it. She writes with clarity and humor and knock you in the gut awesome.

Angry Chicken is who I would want to be if I could sew. She homeschools and sews and makes her own deodorant and yet is still completely cool. So worth a read.

Motherhood is Not for Wimps is fantastic. Read about her baby who shrank and then grew. You will cry, you will cheer, you will read into the night.

Derfwad Manor features Mrs. G who is my homeschool hero. She's funny and irreverent and I adore her.

Belgium Waffle and Irretrievably Broken are the co-joined twins of the internet separated by an ocean. One lives in Belgium. One in the US. They write about parenting, divorce and small mammals. Most importantly, they write very, very well and very, very honestly.

There are a handful of blogs I read not just because they are interesting and well written, but also because I love the writers. Julie Rants, Deckside Thoughts, Pom Pom's Ponderings, Verbatim and The Left Handed Housewife are wonderful. They are funny and smart and they answer my emails. I love them.

My goal for this blog is to write well, to write honestly and to make you laugh. If I miss my mark then read one of these other blogs which will surely satisfy you.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Phew! I was scared I wasn't going to make the list. So glad I did. You will always be on mine.


Cheryl said...

My blog name on the same blog post as dooce? A dream come true! I want to have her babies. Not the ones she already has. New ones.

Thanks so much for the shout, Sara. Muah!

Houston Lofts said...

My whole house, including a front and back porch, is 1000 sq. ft. Luckily I've got 2 1/2 acres of land around it. My own little kingdom.

Jennie said...

Following you at the suggestion of my neighbor and friend, Jordan Haberfield. Spent last evening catching up on your blog. I love it. Thanks for the reading suggestions, too. I look forward to checking them out.