Saturday, March 26, 2011

March, April- it's all cruel.

It will never get above 45 degrees again. I am trying to accept that this is my new life. We will always be right on the verge of a spring which will never come.

In keeping with the theme of general hopelessness, I decided to spend the day cleaning and reorganizing David's office. His office is huge. We transformed what had been a large detached two car garage into four rooms. One is his main office where he likes to sit and play wordtwist write scripts and have conference calls. One of the rooms has no windows. It's his editing suite and needs to be dark. Nothing makes a filmmaker crankier than the afternoon sun's glare on the screen. One room is sort of a catch all of wires, DVDs, film props and other miscellaneous crap. The final room is the big room and it had recently become a landing place for tripods, tape stock, office supplies and other crap.

It was the big room that I tackled today. I probably shouldn't have because I am getting a cold and about half way through the project I wanted to go back inside the house, crawl into bed and watch Law and Order for a few hours. Instead, I was a good wife and cleaned and rearranged and sorted. Finally it was done.

Because I did not take any "before" pictures, I will understand you not being terribly impressed with the "after" photo. You'll have to just trust me that the "before" was very, very bad. I should probably iron that slipcover.

Now that this is done I can enjoy some well earned sloth tomorrow. Law and Order here I come!


Cheryl said...

That's a very yellow room. Very.


March is nevah evah gonna end. Nevah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara!
I saw "before" recently & you did a great job.
Hope David is happy with it

GIsele said...

Wow! It looks amazing. I am hoping the beer I had after the kids are in bed won't keep me from gettting through the playroom reorg I had planned tonight. I hope it looks half as good as David's office!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

You are a good woman to clean your husband's study. When its in its messiest state, my husband's study scares me. It might eat me. I stay away.


Amy. said...

I saw before! This is pretty impressive. We should go hang out there, like a clubhouse, and watch tv and eat cheezits while he's gone.