Friday, March 25, 2011

Three dog night...

This weekend we are dog sitting Amy's beautiful dog Walter. He's part Eskimo and part English Setter. As an owner of pugs, I am somewhat unaccustomed to his very doglike personality. He has an actual nose for one thing and has a far more serious bark than the squawks of my mutant dogs.

Having three dogs, three cats and two children in the house very much puts me into my "English Farmhouse" fantasy. I imagine the huge rambling farmhouse- with a big porch of course. There are flowers growing everywhere and the house always smells like fresh baked bread.

In this particular fantasy I have chickens of course, and there are several dogs following me towards the chicken coop. The dream goes on and on in the most pathetic and predictable ways. There are wellies and aprons and tea brewed on the Aga. It's really too much to bore you with except that if I am perfectly honest I must admit that my pugs would clash with this vision. Only Walter would really match.

March is a time of year when I am very prone to imagining a fantasy life. Sometimes I am running a junk shop. Interesting people pop into my shop and we chat and they shop. This fantasy never gets very far though because I have worked in retail quite a lot and can tell you that it is most often a very boring job which makes your feet hurt.

It was spring here for one delicious day. I did all of the laundry I could find and hung it all up to dry on my clothes line. The children complained about the scratchy towels but I was in heaven at the efficiency of it all.

Thank god Amy is away since I have resorted to telling you about my laundry. There is nothing more pathetic than a laundry story, except for maybe a laundry dream. Since I have already told you about actual laundry, I will tell you about the laundry dream I had this week. I was washing all of the white slipcovers, and I had an enormous box of OxiClean. The dream gets even better, because then I noticed that I had a new super duper washing machine. I woke up feeling quite happy.

I could tell you other things. Rebecca had some teeth pulled. I saw a new dentist who confirmed something which I suspected (my old dentist was suggesting unnecessary dental work). I bought a new lipstick without first testing it and the color was actually perfect.

None of these things however compare to the laundry dream or the English farmhouse dream or the reality of the three dog snuggle.


Chunky Mama said...

I am originally from the Midwest and always dreamed of someday having a big ol' farmhouse with a wrap around porch.
Instead, we live in a 2 bd apartment in Los Angeles. Boo.

Cheryl said...

Go visit Dave and get it all out of your system. Huge houses get really really squalid unless you work 'round the clock. Damn good thing Jeanne does that otherwise there might be a speck of dust somewhere. I hate her.