Saturday, March 5, 2011

We March along...

March is a dangerous month.

March is longing and desperation. The months of being indoors have worn away the cartilage of my psyche; every dream I have is a raw ache of bone on bone.

March is the month I most desperately dream of moving someplace new, of starting a new life. Perhaps a move to Africa to study chimps or a farm in Wisconsin.

March is impotent restlessness. Too cold to put out the laundry for a proper airing out. Too cold to walk without feeling winters bite.

When March offers a thaw we grab at it greedily, pushing our faces to the sun, we inhale the scent of snow melting as it trickles in rivers down the driveway.

In March we pace. We watch the sky and thermometer, waiting.

Will it be today?

Will I see green today?

Will I be saved from March?


Pom Pom said...

Let's see, good things about March:
Easter candy, kites, state testing which means less homework/no grading, California strawberries, and the very best part = SPRING BREAK! Hang in there, Sara.

Cheryl said...

The birds are coming back. There's green in places. The melt has begun in earnest. March heralds new awakenings.

Wisconsin is under more snow than we are. It's colder there too. The kicker? They have no sharks.

Anonymous said...

Someone showed me a picture of a snowdrop in bloom, taken TODAY in Arlington! So there is spring here somewhere...maybe it's being held hostage?

I'm off to dig up some ransom money.

Gisele said...

March is when we get ready to go outside. The darkness saps my energy, and by March it starts to come back and I do all those indoor projects I meant to. Also, in the past week, I saw ducklings on the Mystic River and blooming crocuses in our yard! I was soooooo excited. I admit I am sick of damp cold, but March is a month of anticipation and hamantashen. Really, it's not all bad!