Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am getting weird...

I started writing a long post about the fun I had poisoning some intrepid ants who made their way onto my porch today.

Part way through the post I realized that my obsession with ant killing is getting weird and is most likely a symptom of not spending enough time with grownups.

It's hard when David is away in the summer because the days are so damn long. In the winter we can eat at 5:30 and have a bath by 6 and there is nothing strange about that at all. It's dark so it must be night. It is perfectly normal to take a bath and tuck into bed at night. Now I push dinner until six and then sit around waiting for night to fall.

This situation became too boring to tolerate tonight, so at 7:15 I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the mall. They jumped at the chance!

The object which we were shopping for has become the holy grail of children's sleepwear. Lily wants a silky nightgown. Something loose with a bit of give- something exactly like the nightgowns I like to wear. I have looked everywhere.

She's been wearing one of my short nightgowns with the straps knotted up at the top.  She loves it but I was kind of hoping to find something that fit her better. Macy's was our last place to look and once again, we found nothing.

We cut back through Forever 21 which I quite loved. If I had a wee bit of money to burn I'd buy a few things that look exactly like the pieces at Anthropologie, but I would not have to mortgage my house to buy them.

So that's my day. I killed ants and went to the mall. Just try to top that!


Tracy said...

For the record, I would be right with you on the ant-killing obsession.

Wanna swap days? Yours sounds magnificent. For my money, I argued with an oppositional Yr6 student who had decided today would be bad. And tried to lose playing a game with a Yr1 student and failed. He doesn't lose very well...and I keep trying to let him win. Unsuccessfully.

And then I went to spend some time with a Yr5 student and all was well again.

Cheryl said...

And your point?

Gumbo Lily said...

I hate ants in the house.
You should try Etsy for a silkie nightie. Do you sew?


Anonymous said...

It is a shame that stuff at Anthropologie costs so much. Really, half that stuff is just cotton anyway!! That being said, when I was gainfully employed and had my Adult Bat Mitzvah, I did splurge on a lovely dress which I since re-wore for our nephew's college graduation (it fit even better this time around, much to my delight!) <3 Ants begone... little ones of all sizes are taking over my kitchen sink area. - Miss TT

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I can't top it. I won't even try.


Chunky Mama said...

Is there anybody who can sew a nightie for her?

I'd be obsessed with ant killing too. Bugs are so not okay in my home.

Chunky Mama said...

PS Went to the Los Angeles zoo yesterday and saw an orangutan family right NEXT to the glass. Thought of you ladies and your primate obsession. (No gorillas for us - they were all hiding.)