Friday, May 6, 2011

My new life!

I think that I have probably mentioned it here, oh about a few billion times that I have no closets. My closets are feeble imitations of closets designed in a time when clothes were a luxury in which people did not indulge. My lack of closets is like a pebble in my shoe, grating on my poor psyche day after miserable day.

I have spent nine years trying to figure out a way of improving my personal closet situation and a few months ago I was struck by a lightening bolt of organizational inspiration. I would acquire a wardrobe from IKEA to put in my nice big bedroom and then use my tiny closet/attic nook as an office area.

The only thing that slowed me down was the price tag. The wardrobe I had in mind cost more dollars than I had sitting around so I started to check on craigslist every few days. For weeks I'd look and not find anything quite right. But then yesterday a craigslist miracle happened. This wardrobe appeared on craigslist for $20!

Tomorrow we are going to pick it up and bring it home. Once it is here my life will be complete. I will lose those last ten pounds, my cellulite will melt away and my dogs will stop shedding. The perfect life will be mine, I just know it!

I will be taking lots of "before"pictures of my great closet experience, so that you too will be able to witness the transformation of my new life thanks to cheap used IKEA furniture.


Cheryl said...

Those 9 years of waiting have finally paid off and will soon be a distant memory just like the pain of childbirth. You remember it hazily but are so enraptured by the gifts that you pretty much don't give a crap. Or so I've heard.

Karen said...

Our last house had similar "closets" -- they were so shallow that a hanger couldn't fit in! Instead we had a few hooks on the back wall. Congrats on the wardrobe!

Julie said...

There is a God!