Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good roadside trash...

Today began with Lily crawling into bed with me and refusing to get out. She did not seem sick so much as stubborn and I felt uninspired to argue with her. I brought her a bowl of goldfish crackers and the roku remote and got on with my day.

Rebecca and I had to be at the doctors office at 9:45 for a strep test (negative) and another exam and discussion about Rebecca's Mystery Illness. The plan is to test for a vitamin D deficiency and then to simply wait it out. If after six weeks it has not resolved we'll see a specialist, but all of the test results show a healthy child- who is tired and running a low-grade fever. I have decided not worry about it and this is precisely what I was doing when I spotted some promising looking trash on the curb in Lexington.

You have perhaps heard of Lexington. It featured quite heavily in the Revolutionary War and is now home to many rich people with old houses. There are regular people in Lexington too, but I bet that their trash is not nearly so good to pick through as the rich peoples trash. As I was driving down the road I saw a sweet chair in my favorite color of green apple. I hit the brakes and pulled over so that Rebecca and I could examine the find. Dusty, but very serviceable!

I took it home and pulled the old crumbling foam from the seat cushion. After the slipcover was washed and the cushion seat stuffed it looked very nice indeed. The fabric of the which the slipcover is made is nearly identical to the fabric my mother used to recover a recliner about thirty years ago.

When I returned home with my chair around noon, Lily was still in bed watching TV and she had convinced David to fetch her some chinese food for lunch. Since I have a cold I thought it best that I have a little soup and kill some zombies which is a very therapeutic thing to do when you have a cough and congestion.

I had to go out for a bit in the afternoon and when I got home at 4:15 Lily was still in bed. In fact, she had not even been downstairs all day. I went upstairs to announce to the children that the afternoon had become quite windy, which means only one thing- it is time to play "Teddy Goes Flying!". This game is played by throwing Lily's rakish teddy bear into the wind and seeing where he falls.

There was much joy at the news of the wind and it inspired Lily to get out of her pajamas and into real clothes. Teddy had a grand time being thrown about the yard, though he narrowly escaped becoming stuck on the garage roof. There is no end to the adventure in our family.

The fresh air and bear throwing seemed to revive Lily and she played happily with Lincoln logs for two hours, pausing only to eat some left over pizza and bounce on the new green chair.

Yesterday we had an earthquake, but I felt nothing. I am hoping that Hurricane Irene lives up to the hype. I plan on doing a big shop on Friday. I will purchase batteries, kitty litter, ice cream and stew ingredients. What do you cook when the weather gets bad?


Cheryl said...

Cook? Um, not so much.

In other news, that's a perfect chair.

6 weeks? Crap. Give Miss Rebecca a hug for me. Have you given her the zombie killing therapy just in case it's the answer to all that ails everyone in the family?

Left-Handed Housewife said...

You are an inspiration to roadside trash pickers everywhere. I would have snapped up that chair in a second.

We are expecting a hurricane this weekend, so the Man will be cooking, assuming the power goes out. He loves nothing better than getting out his camping gear and whipping up a feast. Lots of Bisquick involved.

Hope Rebecca feels well soon, and you, too, my dear!