Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I am an idiot: Example 652

Today I mulched and mulched and mulched. Mulch both delights and destroys me. I love how quickly it can tidy up a yard. It is the lipstick of the landscaping world. The part about mulching which quite literally destroys me is the hauling of mulch bags around the yard. It turns out that I am not as buff as I had hoped.

While out working today I noticed that one of the yard waste bags which I'd filled eight weeks ago and never brought to the curb (see yesterdays admission of laziness) had some bees buzzing around it. Hmmmmm, I thought. I should spray that or something. I found a can of flying insect poison and sprayed the area and considered the job done.

You know why I considered the job done? Because I am an idiot.

As the day wore on I decided that I would be an actual grown-up and re-bag the neglected yard waste bags and bring them to the curb for trash day tomorrow. I was determined that the sun would not set before I had accomplished this chore. So determined was I that I continued my work in the rain.

In retrospect, it was the rain which made me cocky. I thought, well, I have already sprayed the bag and it's raining. Bees probably hate rain! And it was with that thought that I pulled up the bag from its rotted out bottom.

Suddenly there were bees everywhere! It turns out that they don't care about flying insect poison and are undaunted by rain. I started shrieking and flailing and ran into the house. I looked down at my clothes- bees! I ripped off my clothes while screaming and stomping. By the time I stopped freaking out I had been stung twice. There were several bees in the house which I killed, including a huge bad-ass wasp.

Then I went to the basement and got out a can of wasp killer. I opened the screen of the kitchen window and sprayed that nest to hell. I am nervous though. I thought flying insect spray would be enough. I thought rain would protect me. It seems that my judgement is seriously flawed when it comes to bee management.

What say you mighty internet? Will the bees be dead by morning or are they plotting their revenge? I am still waiting to find out what I am supposed to do about the maggots.

How many months till winter?

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eddie said...

Spray. Use the whole can.

Go buy more cans. Spray again.

Wait a day. Spray again.

I feel your pain. Now seek your revenge.