Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The new chair finds a home...

Remember that awesome chair I trash picked a few days ago? I decided to do something radical with it.

I put it on the porch. I know. Hold yourself.

The funny thing about the porch is that before this summer we rarely used it. In spite of being heated, it tends to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. This summer however, has been uncharacteristically cool and the porch has been the place to be this summer. We tend to all fight over the one comfy chair in the corner of the windows. Lily in particular will disappear for hours on that chair, reading and playing with the dogs.

The other chairs are wicker, which are very pretty, but not super comfortable for a few hours of reading.

We've been talking about experimenting with putting a space heater on the porch this winter so that we can continue our porch love affair. This got me thinking about seating on the porch and I immediately conjured up an image of cozy reading in the new chair. Since Fall is right around the corner I decided to go ahead and bring the wicker chairs to the basement and bring the new chair front and center.

I decided to stack my newly trash picked vintage cooler, as well as some of my tin baskets for visual interest.

When Fall really begins I'll put out some mums, plaid blankets, and pumpkins. Are you thinking about fall? If you are, you'll love this piece about decorative gourd season.


Cheryl said...

One chair. Four people. It's going to one big game of, oh crap, y'know, that chair game.

The pug adds a certain joie de vivre to the scene. Maybe move him a tad to the left?

Whosyergurl said...

All you need is a footstool. I just love to put my feet up- especially if I am reading or on the laptop.

xo, Cheryl

Thea said...

Looks good, Sara - I've always wanted a porch like yours, am sure you'll get lots of use out of the chair there!

Glad to read all the blog posts lately - hope Rebecca feels better soon.

Gisele said...

If dog and muddy foot traffic allow, I highly recommend a thick rug out there once the weather cools. The tiles will be cold and it will help it be cozier. We love our 3.5 season porch room, too!

Kementari said...

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

I have been thinking about our screened porch and sprucing it up for fall, though when the cold weather comes, that's it for us and the porch until spring rolls around. Right now it's all messy and end-of-summery and is waiting for the brisk winds of autumn to whip it into shape. Me, too.


Anonymous said...

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