Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Je suis malade...

Sunday and Monday were all about being a grownup.

Doing stuff. Making it happen. Setting goals and making them realities.

My plan was to continue being a grownup everyday for the rest of my life and so this morning I got up, had some coffee and started the laundry. I came up with some grownup plans for my office nook, but the thought of executing those plans was exhausting. I decided to execute them another day.

Then I started putting the slipcovers on the chairs and sofa and felt very tired. And headachy. And my throat felt scratchy and I realized that my body was forcing me to stop being a grownup and get into bed.

I have been here ever since, popping motrin and cough medicine and killing zombies with plants.

Many of All six of my readers have been wondering about the state of Rebecca's Mystery Illness. This morning the pediatrician called to tell me that all of the results came back normal, even and most especially the one which would have pointed to some of the Big Scary Illnesses like cancer. We go back in to the doctor tomorrow for a strep test, even though it seems unlikely since her sore throat just started. Interestingly, my child has no fear of having blood taken at all. Since the age of three she has happily sat through blood draws like it was a walk in the park. Throat cultures on the other hand leave her shaking like jelly. Luckily our appointment is in the morning so she won't be worrying about it all day.

Lastly, I dreamt that it was Christmas eve and I had forgotten to buy a Christmas tree. I also dreamt about cutting my hair.

Now you know everything.


Cheryl said...

Aw, sweetie. Feel betterererer soon. And if Rebecca can't get well, have her do laundry. Always lifts my spirits.

Pom Pom said...

Oh no! Don't be sick! I'm so glad to hear that Rebecca is A-OK. You know when one of our kids was in elementary school, a mom told me that they kept getting strep and come to find out, the DOG was the carrier! Maybe the pugs have strep, too!

dff said...

Glad to hear Rebecca's MI isn't likely anything serious.

I, too, am planning to be a grownup for the rest of my life (not nearly so big a deal as it could have been, if I hadn't waited until my life was likely half over before making this decision). I expect it to be tiring.