Thursday, April 14, 2011

Art imitates life...

Today Amy presented me with a gift based upon my conversation with Ms. Perky Bear Lady at the Build a Bear store the other day. You may recall that when my children dragged me into that horrible store, Ms. Perky Bear Lady asked me, "What brings you to Build a Bear today?"

My response: "Ennui."

Meet my new bear, Henwi. He is the twisted bear child of Amy.

He knows that life is meaningless so he smokes clove cigarettes. Rebecca thought that this was inappropriate behavior for a bear, but I told her that we would make an exception for Henwi.

In addition to his clove cigarette and beret, he came with a letter and a book.


My name ees Henwi. Some bourgeouis fool haz paid zee money to zee aristrocracy zat I may belong to you. Eeet makes no difference- we will all die one day. Do wees me as you weesh.

You see here a peecture of my heart, before zey stuffed it een my open, gaping wound. You weel see zat eet ess black, and tattered, also zat eet bleeds. Pourquois pas? Laff ees absurd.

                                                                                      Yours onteel death,

The book is full of heartbreak and sadness.

"Pourquois? l' mort. La bourgeoisie est la nausee et aussi de l'estrager. Un jour Je serais un ours en peluche morts. Fin."

He has a dark heart, befitting such a bear.

I will find a dark corner of the house where he can brood and smoke angrily. Undoubtedly, he'll try to seduce some of the Monster High dolls who also enjoy dark corners and sulking. I predict some unfortunate ursine poetry will come out of the inevitable drama. Hopefully the Monster High dolls will go easy on him.

I think the bear is in trouble. 


Cheryl said...

I had no idea Amy spoke French.

The doll picture is missing.

More comments to follow once I stop laughing and a picture of the dolls arrives.

Julie said...

Reminds me of the time Jace spoke to me in a French accent, "let's sit here and smoke our cigarettes and say that life is crap!" Henwi is brilliant! As all best friends know each other. Good Job Amy.

Cheryl said...

AGH! Them dolls is frightful. Henwi doesn't stand a chance.

Tracy said...

Those dolls are scarier than the bear, I think!!!

I always imagined my toys playing nicely when I was asleep or out. My how times have changed!

Jennifer de Mello e Souza said...

Love this post... super cute and very very clever!