Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A day of celebration...

Yesterday morning I did not sleep until 9am like I usually do. Instead, I was shaken awake at 7am by Lily who shrieked, "It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!!" in my ear. And so it was.

First she made her way through a pile of presents. Highlights included a bike helmet in the shape of a shark, a sling shot monkey which makes terrified monkey sounds as it flies across the room and an elaborate Playmobil animal feeding station that had about 867 pieces to be assembled and two baby chimps.

A breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and orange juice was enjoyed by all. Amy came over for some birthday cake and then it was off to the movies. We saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 which I found far less traumatizing than the first one. The first one was all about bullies. I hate bullies. This film was less about bullies and more about how to lie to your parents and get away with it. So. Awesome.

David tried to take a picture of Lily at the movie theater but a cranky movie lady said, "No picture taking in the theater." She directed our attention to a sign indicating that no recording devices are allowed and that it is illegal to record movies. I wanted to point out that we were in the lobby and that no movies were playing, and maybe even get the manager involved, but David did not want me to ruin Lily's birthday. Spoil sport.

After the movie we were all getting tired, but we needed to make a trip to the mall so that David could go to Banana Republic and buy a new shirt.

He said to me, "I need a new shirt that is less than Nordstrom's but more than Sears."

I knew where to send him. Banana Republic fit the bill perfectly. While David imagined a new wardrobe for himself at Banana Republic, the kids and I went to Build a Bear. How much do I hate Build a Bear? I hate it completely. The bears are overpriced and the clothes are nothing special. Want proof that they are a waste of money? I find them at junk stores All The Time. Constantly. This does not stop my children from needing to go into the store and contemplate throwing their money away.

We walked into the store and Miss Perky Bear Clerk asked, "What brings you to Build a Bear today?" Reader, I am not proud to admit that I said the first thing which popped into my mind.

"Ennui." I answered.

She blinked and repeated, "Ennui?"

I ushered the children of the store quicker than you can say, "Get me a dictionary, I think I've just been insulted."

After the mall it was time to go out for Lily's birthday dinner. I'd been looking forward to her birthday dinner for weeks. Lily likes food and she made an excellent choice. All you can eat Chinese buffet!  It was awesome! Plate after plate of lo mein and dumplings- pure bliss.

We staggered home, full and tired.

I wish I could say that the day ended peacefully. Sadly, the excitement and fatigue of the day caught up with young Lily, who ended her birthday with a crying/yelling/screaming/throwing fit which I will always remember. I was finally able to calm her by telling her all about the night I went into labor with her and the beautiful moment she entered this world.

Happy Birthday Lily Claire, my weird and wonderful child!


Karen said...

But more importantly, WHERE does one find an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet??

Pom Pom said...

Build-A-Bear. I must take all of them to the thrift store.
I DO want to see DOAWK 2. I'm glad you liked it.
Happy Birthday, Lily!