Monday, April 11, 2011

So shiny!

When we first moved into our house nine years ago we had all the floors sanded and refinished. The floor refinishers were only able to get one coat of varnish on because we had a very short window between closing on the house and moving in. We've tried not to be too hard on the floors, but over the years the floors have definitely dulled.

I hate dull. I like shiny! Shiny lip gloss, shiny mirrors and shiny floors.

I spent most of the winter plotting against the floors. White floors work fine upstairs where there is little foot traffic. Downstairs white floors would be dirty all the time and I would have a housewife breakdown. Refinishing them would be both too expensive and unfeasible. Getting all of the people, furniture and animals out of the house long enough to get the floors done would be a logistical nightmare.

I was left with whatever I could find at the Market Basket that promised "shiny". I was skeptical that floor salvation could be found in the crowded cleaning supplies aisle of the Market Basket, but I gave it a shot anyway. I purchased Holloway House Quick Shine Floor Finish (5.99).


People, this stuff in amazing. No one is paying me to say these things. This is completely unsolicited adulation. I used two coats on the floor. Each coat dried in about twenty minutes.

What I saw before my eyes was spectacular! My floors looked brand new! So shiny! So glossy! I called the children down to see and they too sung its praises!  Even my husband noticed!

So there you have it. Floor salvation can be found at the Market Basket for 5.99.

Wonders never cease.


Anonymous said...

I am going to try it!!! My floors are think 2 girls are bad....
Can't wait!!!!

Gisele said...

Ok, when did you become employed by Market Basket? I think you failed to mention that important detail on your blog. Two posts in a row? Sheesh! We might think it was True Love!

(P.S. I LOVE shiny new-looking floors, too.)

Pom Pom said...

Perfect! I bet the floors DO look great! Why didn't you take a picture?

alice said...

I am unfortunately cursed with old white(ish) linoleum that has never, since the day I moved in, looked clean. Can Market Basket fix that?

lori e said...

I used to use that very product on my old, dull linoleum in our kitchen and our "one coat wonder" wood floors. It did indeed make my floors look very shiny, new and clean. However, I now have dust and dirt permanently "shined" into my floor. Your floor MUST BE PERFECTLY CLEAN!! And, unfortunately, the shininess was short-lived. But it was sure pretty while it lasted... :)

Mel R said...

Ooh, thanks! I am going to try that in the house we are selling. We were going to refinish the floors but quite honestly don't want to pay for it or have to deal with it. Our new house has zero hardwood, thank goodness. I am over it.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love Holloways! But I've never found it that cheaply. Must go shop around.