Tuesday, October 6, 2009

In which I put my junk to use.

I know that I may have mentioned it before, but I really have the nicest readers on the planet.

First Valerie said I was pretty, then my mom said I was pretty (though it is in her contract to do so), then my husband said I was pretty (see above comment about contracts), then Michael didn't actually say that I was pretty though I know that he meant it. Then Marisol and Bearly Sane added their declarations of pretty, followed by Mgster, Lisa and Ginger. All of these nice people taking a moment for me. I love you guys, even the ones for whom it's not in my contract.

Now, onto the junk. Several readers, TJIC and Cheryl, cough cough, expressed twitchy horror at my latest pile of junk. I will now demonstrate the uses of junk in the home.

Exhibit A:

Scrabble letters and the nest that Cheryl sent me.

Exhibit B:

Tartan ice chest with flowers.

Exhibit C:

Wide shot of Exhibits A and B.

Exhibit D:

Old typewriter, plaid thermos and scrabble letters.

Exhibit E:

Rest of scrabble letters ready to spell important words. Like chocolate. Or junk.

Exhibit F:

Fall junk in a basket.

Exhibit G:

Love blooms.

There you have it people. Controlled clutter. Junk used divinely. Fear not the junk, for it will be your decorative workhorse in the darkest of hours. It will hold your hand and free you from having a home that looks like every other house on your street.

Of course if the junk doesn't work for you there is always chocolate!


Ginger said...

I'm glad everyone agreed about your new hair do...cause it really does look nice.
Wow, you really can make something out of junk. NICE!!! I wondered about that bride and groom, it became love blooms. Very creative!!
I think the old typewriter looks really neat sitting there.
Now if I had bought all that junk, it would still look like junk in my house. lol

TJIC said...

I don't mind the Scrabble letters or the typewriters, because I am a word and type fetishist.

...it's just the rest of it that makes my skin crawl!

I'm amused that reader Cheryl has, on her blog, a picture of her standing in front of portapotties.

Apparently, on family vacations, my father's father would always take "surprise" photos ... when folks were on their way out of bathrooms. So the entire photo album is of wary, angry family member emerging from public bathrooms.

Lisa said...

You know if you didn't complain about your basement (or like me storage) then some may not gasp at your junk (I prefer treasures). If I lived close enough I would sooooo steal your scrabble pieces!! I am so jealous! But your "junk" looks great in your home! And you are looking very Fall! I am so glad you are enjoying your new hair and that your family is loving homeschooling! It sounds great!
Hugs, Lisa

Julie said...

I did the scrabble letters, too, and spelled f*a*m*i*l*y. Then spent the rest of the day telling my daughter 'no, stop touching, it's not a toy(?).' So back in the jar unless we really are playing scrabble.

Amy said...

The scrabble letters look completely adorable. And they go very nicely with the typewriter, and the nest. They somehow remind me of these old 50's eraschool-house alphabet posters I found--I'll have to show you. I think there's a "nest" one, in fact.

However-- "NEST" is like, the worst scrabble word ever! 4 points! Even on a triple word, 12! *shudder*

Anonymous said...

I draw the line at asking women to photograph their pants in the middle of the night while wearing a night gown. Anything more would be just to forward in polite society.

Cheryl said...

I love the cozy little "October at Home" typewriter nook (I loved that you typed FAMILY on the paper). I also love the way you accessorized the nest. What I'm not seeing here is what had me cringing...the buttons.

The other thing that makes me freak out is that to keep this stuff looking nice, it has to be dusted...regularly. Just can't find that rhythm anymore. So, you go girl!

Waiting with bated breath to see what you do with the buttons, C

Valerie said...

And I meant it! ***WINK***
Both inside and out! I found you a short bit ago but I stop every morning just to see what great ideas you have up or great story about hubby/kids. You make me smile...as you have probably read I can use a smile or 2. I adore your site!!

Thank you Sara!!