Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Oh ye of little faith" or "How I used the buttons".

Today I played with buttons. That sounds a little dirty doesn't it?

First I divided all of the buttons by color. For this project I only used white and black buttons.

Notice how wonderful they look together? Nothing chaotic. Just sweet button color.

Then I took more of those scrabble tiles and put them into a glass soap dish that I found while junking.

Here's my other old typewriter. It's a travel typewriter.

One is not enough. Just so you know.

I put a page of an old dictionary in the typewriter.

I'm sure that no one will need to look anything up on that page.

I added this old black and white hat. It seemed the sensible thing to do.

Lastly, I used scrabble tiles to spell "story".

I love the word "story". It's an eight point word. Is that good or bad? You know I hate scrabble.

Here is the result of my little setup.

It's not quite done. I need to find something soft, maybe a tattered velvet scarf for the bottom of the hat holder.

I'll work on it more tomorrow. There is something about creating these little bits of decorative nonsense that I just adore. I love seeing areas of my home in new ways.

Speaking of something that is neither decorative nor nonsense, I am so proud of David. He slept with his sleep apnea mask for six hours last night. It's sort of like when a baby sleeps for a six hour stretch. There was no snoring and he got to enjoy sleep and oxygen at the same time. Incredible.

Let's hope that once he's no longer stumbling through life in a sleepless fugue he won't suddenly notice the junk and order a dumpster.


Valerie+Madiagn said...

Looks great! I have a thing for hats, but I like to wear them! I probably look like a dork.... maybe I should just display them like you do? Hmmm now I am confused....I better rethink this.
Madigan loves the letters and buttons!!
See ya tomorrow!!

Lisa said...

Oh! You did such a great job! How fun! Don't you love it when things fall together like that! I know you are enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Do not worry that David will ever notice the junk...he knows that it is all part of the wonder of you and his wonderful life with you...he will just be thankful that he is sleeping AND breathing at the same time...and he will be so much more alert to appreciate your artistic genius...

Bearly Sane said...

Great post Sara ... love the combination of contrasting colours ... and the hat! I have a whole wardrobe of hats that I used to wear, I just can't bring myself to give them away ... maybe I will do something with them one day!!

Anonymous said...

Visually simple and calming yet intriguing. Quite wonderful. And, I am so glad that David is getting oxygen and sleep. They work wonders for most people!

Have I said recently how much I like your writing!

Also, you will have to add home-schooling mom to your "about me" bio.

Cheryl said...

Okay, I'm sold. I know you're hiding the rest somewhere and the brightly colored ones will probably show up around the holidays. Looking forward to more button-posts.

So glad David is breathing in his sleep. It was a long 10 years or so of listening to Rick not breathe then take in that huge snort of air. So scary. Statistically, men are highly unlikely to go to the doc for anything. I usually let Rick figure things out for himself. The apnea wore me down and I finally did some pushing and shoving. He was a walking zombie and neither of us was sleeping.

Enjoy the bliss sleeping through the night and the joy of a man with renewed energy.

Love, C

David Duford said...

Hey, nice buttons! :)

You've done a great job with creating an interesting space, it's almost like seeing one of those classic black and white photos, but in color or something, well done! My wife likes to create color-coordinated displays and such through our home too, it completes her:)

Kudos to you and David for getting that apnea looked at, we've all known people with that problem, and it is such a serious one!

Enjoy your day!

Julie said...

If he doesn't like the junk just tell him you'll take away his CPAP and his lifespan will be much shorter with less sleep and oxygen, thus guaranteeing he won't have to look at the junk as long. He'll like the junk.

Ginger said...

Who would ever think buttons would look so good in a jar? Your little vinette (is that how you spell it?) looks great.
My hubby has sleep apnea too. Thank god for the mask that now covers his nose and mouth and shuts down the snoring. Also stopped the talking in his sleep.

Saguaro Chick said...

Your button display is so very lovely vintage/homey! Is that a real description? Anyway, that is how it makes me feel, I really like it.

I am catching up on your blog! Your new hair-do is very attractive! Change is always fun! The color is great!

How is the homeschooling going? I'm off to Prescott tomorrow and my favorite secondhand store. Can hardly wait! Tomorrow is the fall arts and crafts festival at the court house!