Saturday, October 31, 2009

Secret muumuu.

Tonight we observed that most sacred of childhood holidays. Halloween!

We had a bumblebee.

And Cleopatra.

I was a butterfly.

David was a civil war soldier, but I don't have a picture of him. He wasn't dressed yet when Lily and I headed out to meet up with Lily's friends.

David and Rebecca went out with the big kids in our neighborhood but we all met later at a friend's house for pizza.

You can't tell from the picture but I am wearing a bright orange satin prom dress. I got it at the junk store thinking it would be wonderful for halloween. And it was wonderful, except for the boning which started to dig into my ribs about half way through trick or treating. I was also wearing heeled boots. My feet may hurt for days.

My costume got me thinking about movie stars who flit about in high heels and skin tight clothes all the time. Don't they get exhausted from walking in those things all the time? I was so happy to come home and put on an old lady nightgown. Maybe movie stars have secret muumuu's for when they get home.

What were we talking about?

Halloween is also a big deal for us because it is the day after David's birthday!

The girls and I got him some new shirts and special gloves that work with his iphone.

That's all I've got today people because I am so tired. I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow.


Ginger said...

That was a great post. What cute costumes!!
Happy Birthday to David, too.
I wonder, too, how those celebrities do it with the makeup and the hair and fancy clothes. And then they have to be afraid of the paparrazi catching them if they run to the store without makeup. Glad I was never a celebrity. lol.

Lisa said...

Oh what a great Halloween and Happy Birthday to your DH! You guys look like you had fun! And I totally agree about the clothes and shoes stars wear. I never could so I can't say it's because they are young!

Sarah A. said...

Isn't Halloween great? You all looked lovely! Allie was Cleopatra last's been my favorite costume by far.
It's hard enough trekking around with kids while wearing comfy shoes, so I can't even imagine what that was like in heels. I hope you got extra candy for the effort :)