Sunday, November 1, 2009

October Farewell

This was the most lovely October I can remember. Cold when it should be cold and warm for Halloween.

These pictures were taken on October 11. It was just as the leaves were starting to really turn.

We walk the dogs around this pond.

The dogs like to walk down in the mud.

I adore heaps of strange looking pumpkins.

I always get at least one strange pumpkin, though they look best if surrounded by $200 worth of equally unusual pumpkins.

This one may actually be a gourd.

Or maybe a squash?

I have no idea. How can I possibly be homeschooling my children when I don't have the answers to these critical questions?

I do know that pumpkins are fruits! Maybe that redeems me a little. I also know that pumpkin pie is a perfectly acceptable breakfast food. During the fall and winter pumpkin pie is often the breakfast of choice.

This blog has gone a bit rambly lately hasn't it? Hang in there people! I'm bound to redevelop some sort of narrative cohesion any day now.


mgster said...

You are so right about this being the perfect fall! Here in Connecticut it was 70 degrees for Halloween night! It was such a treat to actually see the children's actual costumes...rather than their winter coats.

Cheryl Duford said...

Lack of cohesion has been a major issue for me as well. Too much stimulation from all the wonders of the season? Or the winds of change blowing our way?

Loved all your costumes. Thanks to David for posting them. Our little princesses and Harry Potters went out on Friday night and were so bundled I didn't recognize them. Was glad you guys got the 70s, spooky fullish moon, and warm and wild winds. Perfect Halloween.

Pom Pom said...

I love the rambles! I agree - pumpkin pie is a delicious breakfast food!
Saying good-bye to October sort of made me sad. November seems a little drab around here - too freezy.

Ginger said...

I love that picture of the pond and the beautiful colors of the leaves. It looks like a post card picture.
Pretty unusual pumpkins...neat looking.
I'm with you, love pumpkin pie anytime!!

Julie said...

So what is it called when you write something on your blog and then read someone else's and they wrote about it too? We had pumpkin pie last week and totally ate every bite till it was gone. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I think the rule is you can't have whipped cream on the breakfast slice.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I haven't had a cohesive thought in weeks. Must be the weather. Yes, it's been a beautiful October down here in North Carolina, too. Isn't it nice when the weather cooperates with our idea of what we think it should be?


Anonymous said...

We actually had peach pie after dinner but I did seriously consider it this morning for breakfast. Cohesion - SMOHESION! Luv, Miss T.T.