Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Now that we are homeschooling I don't get to junk as consistently as I used to.

My usual plan would be to hit the junk shops first thing in the morning before the other shoppers had a chance to come and crowd my space. Now I am shopping whenever the rare opportunity arises, which is how I found myself at Global Thrift on a Monday afternoon.

The girls had a joint playdate with their pals J and K so I dropped them off and headed into Waltham.

I don't know if it's because this economy is so lousy or what, but the junk store pickin's have been slim. I did manage to find a few things though.

This sweet little nightstand was 3.99.

It quickly found it's way into Lily's room.

I also found this daisy blanket. I bet someone's grandmother made this.

I think it will be very cheery on the back of my couch.

This little bowl was so hopeful that for .49 I just had to give it a new home.

In other news about the lousy economy, today I did my own acrylic nail fill. I've never done it myself before but it came out okay. Except for one thing. The deep red color that I picked out of clearance at Walgreens seems to be less "Dignified Russet" and more "Shameless Hussy".

There's nothing sadder than a housewife forced into do it yourself beauty. If you see me reaching for hair dye, please do an intervention.


Amy said...

I pondered that very daisy blanket when I was there last week, but left it there for someone else!

Dying one's own hair is a tragedy, but one I have learned to accept, as it really is absurdly cheaper.

mgster said...

Hey, I color my own hair! LOL I lock myself in the bathroom with my book for about an hour while the dye works its magic. It's actually really kind of a little getaway. And as soon as I typed those last words, I depressed even myself! LOL

Lisa said...

Oh I hope it doesn't get to the hair dye! Sorry about the nails. I cannot do mine there are too many chemicals at the hospital and it just doesn't last!
Your treasures are amazing! What awesome prices!! Our GWs here are pricey and there isn't anything good. Well done!
Hugs, Lisa

Cheryl said...

Call, write, YELL AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS if you EVER decide to participate in a do-it-yourself hair dye experiment. A couple of us had to do an intervention on a friend who tried this at home and turned her hair color into some unholy shade of Shameless Hussy red. It took over 45 minutes for us to talk her into calling her hairdresser. Phew! All's well that ends well, but more expensive than it would have been to go her salon in the first place. And far less traumatic.

Toni said...

NO hair coloring yourself! lol....I'll be out of a job :( if you start and everyone follows in your footsteps! I attempted the nail thing myself before, it was a BIG mistake! How did you do it? Do you have a drill?

Dolly said...

Ou you struck gold girl!
Love that sweet lil night stand!

Hugz, Dolly

Come and visit!

gretchen from lifenut said...

That nightstand is adorable.

I color my own hair. I used to have it professionally colored, but then I decided I could buy, like, diapers with that money. Weird!

(I fully plan to return to the salon when our economy gets back on track...)

Saguaro Chick said...

Two words....Perfect 10! That is the name of hair color it and I swear by it! It is the best hair color ever and you only have to have it on for ten minutes! A friend comes over, we have a girls night, and she puts it on for me. It's a blast and my hair looks great! $12.00, and it works great, and it is a heck of a lot better then the $125 I used to have to spend! I wish I had all the money I ever spent on my frickin hair! You get older and realize there are better things to spend your hard earned money on than $125 bucks for a hair-do! Just sayin.....