Friday, November 20, 2009

Seven letter word...

I was all set to rant about my coffee maker but first I must tell you that my husband just put down a seven letter word in Scrabble. Seventy-two points.

It hardly seems worth it to keep playing, but I must. Scrabble continues to be our balm in these stressful times, though a seventy-two point word put down by your spouse does put a bit of grit in that ointment.

Thank you for all of your get well wishes for Lily. I am cultivating a fun little theory about her illness. This theory will be part one in a series I like to call, "On Being An American Cliche".

Part One:

Maybe Lily has swine flu! No, she doesn't have a fever, but I've been doing some internet research. Using my best English Major skills and Google I learned that about 30% of people with swine flu do not have a fever. Her respiratory symptoms are consistent with the swine flu and her general crankiness and whininess are very high indeed.

Resolved: swine flu.

Part Two:

My coffee maker broke and I have no idea how to fix it. I have been loving my Keurig coffee maker for about six months. It's red, it's shiny and it brews a great cup of coffee every single time.

Except for now.

It stopped working today so I did the only thing to be done in this situation. I googled "fix broken keurig". And lo, many many people have had this problem and one person even solved it! Fixing it seemed simple enough. I immediately began taking it apart. I removed all 157 microscopic screws holding the metal bottom on. Then I started clipping all of the plastic fasteners so that I could get to the tube which I needed to clear. This is about when I realized that this project had ceased to be a repair mission and had become war.

Maybe if I'd had a blow torch or a small stick of dynamite I could have pried that thing open, but since I'm just an unarmed liberal I used words, lots of angry words, none of which worked.

So there you have it: I diagnosed my child using the internet, talked to a broken appliance and will surely lose to my husband at Scrabble. Again.

There had better be chocolate in the house.


Anonymous said...

Travis is armed and has tools. He fixed his safe in no time at all and I'm sure he could get to the bottom of your coffee maker's troubles.

Ginger said...

I hope Lily is feeling better and not getting an ear ache.
I have a Keurig too. I love it. What is yours doing?

Piecefulafternoon said...

I have to say - I just love your blog!!!! And hope Lily gets better fast and scrabble improves.

Julie said...

Hope it's not pneumonia. Mine had internet diagnosed swine flu too, but the dumb doctor said it was pneumonia, as seen on the xray. Sheesh, what do they know?
In America you have to hit/kick and curse at the offending appliance.
Husbands who don't let you win you be hit over the head with offending appliance while they are sleeping. :D

mgster said...

I wish Lily a speedy recovery...and the same for your coffee maker. Maybe your Keurig has the same "illness" as my Belgian Waffle machine! Actually, my husband said the real reason it broke down is because 1.he wanted a waffle, and 2. because the warranty ended a week before.

Lisa said...

Hope there is lots of chocolate! Your day needed it! My co-worker made me candybar cookies for my birthday! YUMMY!!!
Hugs, Lisa