Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How much is a wife to endure?

David got into my very secret, oh so sacred, gigantic Toblerone bar that I bought at Marshall's for 5.99.

I have been doling it out to myself bit by luscious bit.

All day long I have been thinking about that chocolate.

It was a frustrating day. I had a great plan to make a pumpkin pie, and I should clarify, I did make a pumpkin pie. When I came to the part about adding the evaporated milk I noticed that the milk looked a little weird, but hey, I only use the stuff once a year, maybe it always looks weird.

Anyway, into the oven it went. I began cleaning up and pouring out the remains of the milk in the sink, which is when I realized that the milk was more than weird- it was bad. A huge clump of yuck plopped out into the sink. Then I checked the expiration date on the milk. January 2005. Oops.

That is how I found myself at Whole Foods two days before Thanksgiving to buy a pie that was botulism free. There I endured the whining of one child who wanted a mortgage payments worth of sushi and another child who wanted a cartload of carbohydrates.

Then it was back home to do a big clean and catch up on all of the laundry, which is when I noticed that we were out of cat food. Sigh.

Also, I have two zits.

Was anything catastrophic? Did anyone die? No. These are all the complaints of the middle class housewife.

But dammit I count on that chocolate to be there for me! It keeps me sane! And happy!

Reader, he almost finished it!!!! There was hardly any left!

I am trying to be mature and I am sure I will find it in my heart to forgive him.



Cheryl said...

Bastid! Did you send him out to Marshall's post-haste to buy you one bar for each section he ate?

Now, on top of everything else, you have to find a new place to put your stash. Dirty Double-Crossing Bastid!

Lisa said...

I don't know. Maybe you can keep him if he doesn't do it again. After all it was almost all of it!! Don't you love the days you spend at the grocery! Always one more thing you need! Love Whole Foods though! Hope you had enough chocolate to get you through!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Hugs, Lisa

Ginger said...

I'm trying not to laugh...but it's almost impossible. First about the can of milk for the pie...then what you said about the girls wanting sushi and carbs, and the poor cat is going to starve. Now it's unthinkable that David found your chocolate. And Zits on top of all that? Darn....
I have never heard of Toblerone. Guess I don't get out much. And I have never been in a Whole Foods store. Next time I go visit the kids in Vegas I am going to check it out, as they have a new one there.
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!