Friday, October 2, 2009

A Marathon of junk!

Today is Friday and Friday means junk here at Shiny Red Houses.

Rebecca and I began our junking at Urban Renewals, my sweet paradise of junk. It did not disappoint.

After Urban Renewals Rebecca needed to come home and do some work, so I dropped her off with David and went off to run errands.

Here's a confession. When I say that I am going to "run some errands" what I really mean is "I'm going to go get a cup of coffee and go to a thrift store and maybe TJMaxx".

Do not tell my husband. I don't know what he thinks errands are but he never asks for more details.

Anyway, once Rebecca was squared away I snuck off to Consignment Corner where I found a few choice treasures. It seemed silly not to zip over to Goodies Thrift afterwards so I finished my junk-a-thon there.

Check out my haul. Also, did not ask me what I am going to do with all of this stuff. I don't know yet. But I have some ideas!

Yes there are two globes. Don't judge me.

This apron was $5. I am totally going to start wearing it with jeans and crazy sweaters a'la Anthropologie.

I'd love to use this as a planter for a big bunch of maroon mums.

Jars of buttons. I have a plan for these.

Some of the buttons will be organized and put into this little spice jars by color.

Rebecca and I are going to get all homeschooly with this book.

I don't know why I am so crazy about globes. They are kind of exciting, you know? All of that possibility, all of those places...not that I want to leave my house mind you...

When I found these rusty old ice skates for $13 I snapped those babies up and did not put them down. I love these! They will make great winter decorations. I'm thinking of some evergreen and some holly, some ribbons. I love the spade cutout too.

Know what's funny? I hate scrabble.

But I love those cool letter tiles. I do not know why. I am a woman of infinite mystery.

Of all of my treasures today this was my favorite. This couple was $4.

Rebecca said, "Someone must have died because why else would you ever get rid of this."

I am raising that girl right.


Pom Pom said...

Wow! So many lovely finds, Sara!
A New England Girlhood looks very interesting!

TJIC said...

All of this makes me itchy and twitchy.

So much junk!


Get it away!

...with the exception of the Scrabble pieces. Those are cool. I'd be tempted to bore a shallow hole in the back of each and crazy glue in small rare earth magnets, so that they could be put on the fridge.

Deckside Thoughts said...

I'm with TJIC. Just looking at that first picture brought me back to my Grandmother Mitchell's "kitchen." Stacks of junk. And the buttons ~ shudder. They multiply you know.

My first thought when I saw the wedding couple was: Off with their heads! Don't know where that came from.

Have you gone round the bend?

Anonymous said...

Amazing thing...when I have this much stuff in my house, it just looks cluttered and messy,ala Deckside Thoughts grandmothers kitchen. In Sara's house, however, it all creates a wonderfully organized, eclectic and cozy feeling. Such a wonderful gift to have such an artistic and creative eye.

Ginger said...

I thought of you yesterday as I drove to our thrift store to drop off some things I didn't want anymore. A couple of things I will be regretting...oh well. I like your treasures, now what are you going to do with the bride and groom? lol.

Lisa said...

OH! I want a jar of scrabble pieces!!! I can't wait to see if they put a version on sale cheep for christmas because there is no good junk here. I went to GW the otherday and there really is junk at ours!:( Enjoy your treasures! How can you have a collection if you don't have 3 or more of something. DOn't you need MORE globes? hehehe Don't tell your husband I said that. If you ever have a yard sale call me!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Rose said...

Excellent finds! "Errands" usually means quite the same for me, or worse, that I'm going to get a cup of coffee, then sit in the parkinglot in my parked car, knit and listen to the radio while the baby sleeps in her car seat.

Hey, I consider it an errand, anyway.

Jean said...

You "done good" Sara. Have a great weekend.
Jean in Virginia

Mattenylou said...

I love those old ice skates! What a great find! I'm wondering if they were made in Springfield, MA... Everett Barney manufactured that type of skate in the late 1800's. He left his huge estate to Springfield, it's now known as Forest Park.

mgster said...

Perhaps your husband does not question your "errands" comment because he reads this blog??? LOL I love Rebecca's comment about the wedding cake topper. This one purchase does baffle even me. What ARE you going to do with it. Love the idea of that plaid chest filled with fall mums. I can just picture that by a front door. You have so many places to junk shop...I am so jealous!