Sunday, October 11, 2009

In which my unpredictability becomes utterly predictable.

So, some news over here...

I'm homeschooling Lily. I know, I know, I said I was going to keep her in school, but the whole thing started to feel silly. The getting up in the morning, the picking up from school, the homework. Plus, she kept asking to be homeschooled.

So this week I ordered the workbooks and started planning for this weeks lessons.

One of the best parts of taking Lily out of school is how freeing it is. We've started taking an evening walk because we don't have homework and a strict bedtime to adhere to anymore. When we started our walk at about 5:45 tonight, the sun was about half way down. By the time we finished our loop around the reservoir it was solidly dusk. The air had a smoky smell to it. The girls and I swung on the swings as the night grew darker and the first stars came out. It was a treasure of a moment.

Know what other crazy thing I did today? I junked! On a Sunday! Ha! Bet you never would have guessed that!

Here's my haul!

Why yes, that is another Flexible Flyer sled. I found my first for 7.99 a few weeks ago. I just did a little googling about Flexible Flyers. I had no idea that they are so expensive! The first one I found is 60 inches and retails for $99. The one I found today is 48 inches and retails for $79. I found it for 5.99. I can't wait to use these in my winter decorating!

These are gigantic Ralph Lauren pillow shams and they are so soft. I can't wait to get some big pillows to put in them.

The picture doesn't really show it but this tablecloth is an awesome vintage green. I'm going to wash it tomorrow and put it on the table.

My real treasure, something I almost never find while junking is a tin picnic basket. These are super-duper collectible and I love them.

I also have a Spike update for you. He is toying with me. One day he is all spread out on his web begging for attention, the next he hides from me. I spent the day planning to have the girls study him all week by drawing pictures of him and observing him build his web and now he's disappeared.

Don't fall in love with a spider people, he will only break your heart.


Sarah A. said...

So glad you're off to a good start with Lily! Homeschooling one kid was easy-peasy, but I was worried about homeschooling the other two. We started a few weeks ago, & it's going beeeaauutifully! Best wishes for a happy, laid-back school year!
Greak junking day! I love the color of the table cloth, and whoa, a tin picnic basket! Neat!
I can safely say I have never, ever fallen in love with a spider :)

Ginger said...

You live by a resevoir, and you haven't taken a picture of it? Is it big? Is there ducks in it?
I think thats great that you will home school both girls now. I sure hope it works out.
I can guarantee, I will never fall in love with a spider, but if I do, I'll name it spike and think of your house. lol.
I can't believe the things you find when you go junking. You'd never find stuff like that here. Especially for those low prices.

Lisa said...

Sorry about the spider! Enjoy your time with your sweet girls! You sound as if you have this whole thing figured out!
Hugs, Lisa

Michael said...

It makes prefect sense. You have 2 kids, one bigger than the other. You now have 2 sleds, one bigger than the other. It's only crazy because the sleds are for the house and not the kids.

Piecefulafternoon said...

Wonderful wonderful junking trip!!!

TwoBusy said...

Dude, I just saw your f@#$ing spider post - with that massive 4/c spider photo - and honestly? I wish I'd died on the spot, because that would mean I wouldn't be thinking about that thing EVERY MINUTE I'M AWAKE FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF TIME.