Sunday, February 21, 2010

A dream come true!

Have you ever had the dream where you discover a new room in your house that you had never noticed before? This is my absolute most favorite dream in the world.

I see the door, open it and suddenly there is a new room to explore and decorate.

Today that dream became real when David and I realized that he no longer needed all of the room in his studio. David's studio is a detached garage that we converted into office space a few years ago. At times he's needed all of the space for his work, but now quite a bit of that space has opened up and people, I pounced on it!

I asked David if I could have some space for a workshop and he readily agreed.

He cleared an entire desk and some shelves for me and even added something special to the space to make it my own.

See that poster? It is Irises in a Vase by VanGogh. I gave it to David on the night we eloped. The first flower that he ever gave me was an iris and iris's have always been special for us.

Look at all that space!

I brought out my paints and supplies.

Now I can work on projects and leave them out until they are finished. I also now have space to start a little business that I've been thinking about. I'll give you a involves fairy houses!


Anonymous said...

Like opening the door of the wardrobe...looks great,
Love, Mom

Lisa said...

How very awesome!!!! I know you will love it! As soon as my mother and step-dad find a place I will have a WHOLE new room too! It is very exciting!!
Hugs, Lisa

Cheryl said...

A room of one's own! A window closes and a door opens. (Yeah, yeah, it's backwards, but it fits better!)

What fun for you!

Ginger said...

Okay now tell us the real truth, how much bribing did you have to do? JK
I think that space is pretty neat and I love the Iris picture. You and David eloped? Sounds like a great post.

Julie said...

Love the yellow color, it'll never be enough space, and now you can write off part of it on your taxes!

mgster said...

Sara! OMG! I thought I was the only one that ever had that dream! I LOVE that dream and am always sad when I wake up!

Enjoy your new space...lucky you!