Saturday, February 27, 2010

The junking, it is good!

Sometimes I like to sneak away from my family on a Saturday morning and go to the junk store. This time I kidnapped my friend Amy to come along.

We had a lovely time discussing husbands, children, boils, cupcakes and the lack of civility in the world.

Most importantly, we junked!

My favorite score is this awesome pair of cowboy boots. I love them with my whole entire being.

They are real leather and feel amazing. I just need a cowboy. Maybe I can get some chaps at the junk store for David.

I also found this little house.

I am going to paint it yellow and put little curtains in the windows. I'll make some window boxes and fill them with tiny red geraniums.

I found a completely amazing teal dress from the seventies. I need to wash it, but once it's all clean I'll model it for you. It has a very Anthropologie/Mad Men feel to it. White go-go boots would make it perfect.

On a more somber note, I have to let you know that there has been a death in the Shiny Red Houses Family. Back when Tibbles found a new home with the long suffering Christine, I bought Rebecca some new replacement pets. Two African Dwarf frogs. Useless pets, but they don't pee on the couch so they were an improvement over Piddles. Rebecca named them Kirk and Spock and promptly started ignoring them.


Over the last month we've noticed that one of the frogs was thriving and that the other one....not so much.

Today, the circle of life was completed as young Spock, dear sweet Spock, was found at the bottom of the tank looking extremely dead. Further inspection revealed that he had in fact left this world and that it was time for him to make the journey into the next, a journey which so many small aquatic pets have traveled, namely the journey from toilet to water treatment plant.

I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I silently cheered Spock's death. It's possible that with two kids, two dogs, three cats, two frogs and two hermit crabs I was feeling a bit overburdened in the pet department.

Meanwhile, Lily is complaining of a stomach ache and I am praying that my punishment for welcoming amphibian death is not a Padrusch Family stomach flu.

Please pray for us.


Amy. said...

1. Those boots are the BOMB.
2. I can't get over the grossness of the dead frog.
3. Thanks for kidnapping me. I'm in love with my new table.


Lisa said...

NO more flu! Properly sorry about the frog. ;) You will all be well in the morning. Maybe her week of cheeseburgers catching up to her! hehe
Hugs, Lisa

Pom Pom said...

You are so funny, Sara! I like your boots even though I wouldn't want them. We only see those at the airport. You scared me for a minute. I was afraid for the pugs.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the boots. At least a third of the people at my grocery store wear cowboy boots. No shortage of cowboys here!!

Cheryl said...

Um, I just noticed you don't have a label over there on the left for "reasons why I'm going to hell." You do seem to be racking up your hell points rather rapidly.

It's all beginning to come together for me. Kirk is the frog Lily modeled her Life Cyle of a Frog after, isn't he? "Keep the camera on ME, I'm overacting again" Kirk has murdered Spock right in your very own home. Next, it'll be hermit crabs that mysteriously die.

If I were you, I'd let one of the cats have at 'em before he does some real damage. That oughta win you some heaven points. Seems like you need to start bringing some balance to your karmic destiny.

I'm just sayin'...

Chris M said...

LOVE your blog and your sense of humor Sara. Just found you this morning and you actually made me chuckle (not an easy task before 7:00 a.m. and one full cup of coffee) Sadly, I have to go to boring work now so I can't read any more, but I did want to tell you I'm jealous of the boots and I since you're down one pet and don't seem to have any birds...there is a certain parakeet named Charley that has been inexplicably chirping "PADRUSCH" for days. I didn't understand until this morning but I think he may have received some cosmic intuitive link to you and wants to come home with you. I'd pay shipping, heck I live in Connecticut, I'd even drive him up. Just think about it:) Thanks for making me laugh. Chris M

Michael said...

I'd skip the parakeet. Someone gave me once. It wasn't around long enough to get a name.

The boots have a good utility look to them. I always took a pair to Kansas when visiting relatives. You know, with the cattle and horses and shit. You might get a similar use with Sophie around.

The colors good. Married women should only wear brown. Anyone other color might get you propositioned.