Saturday, July 25, 2009

This post is brought to you from the attic and the freezer...

First, the very wonderful news!

Tibbles has a new home! I delivered her to Christine today, whose sweet boys, Alex and Nicholas were excited to see their new kitty. I am hoping that Tibbles settles into her new home quickly and without incident. I'll keep you guys posted!

Today was one of those sleepy kind of irritable days in our house. No one had slept very well and so if I had to use one word to describe the household mood it would be "cranky".

We eased into the day by letting the girls watch two hours of TV.

Once I made them turn it off I knew I had to get them busy or else a tsunami of whine would wipe us all out.

One of my favorite ways to get the kids relaxed and happy is to put on an audio book and get them involved in a fine motor project. I don't know why it works but it does.

Today we listened to "Junie B. Jones has a Peep in her Pocket". I love Junie B, I honestly and truly do. I know some folks don't like that her grammar isn't perfect. There's also the part where she calls Jim a big fat stinkyhead. I like that about Junie B. though.

Once the Junie B. got started I put out the sculpey clay. The little hands got busy, their brains were occupied and everyone chilled out.

A family of mice was born.

While playing I fed the children hor'dourves. It was 10am, so it was an unusual time for hor'dourves.

I have a plan though. We will spend this week eating through the freezer.

Have you ever noticed how weird food accumulates in the freezer? I usually end up with weird food when I shop without a list while hungry. A very dangerous combination!

That is how it came to pass that we were eating raspberry and brie filled philo pastry at 10 o'clock this morning. Judge me if you want, but I have one less weird thing in the freezer taking up space.

Later in the day I further delighted my children by taking my childhood out of the attic.

Readers, I loved these toys. I took good care of them and have been hiding them from the girls for years, waiting until they were old enough to enjoy them and not destroy them.

Glenda and the Mayor of Munchkinland.

Notice the fold out yellow brick road.

Dorothy's house is on the other side of Munchkinland.

See that door in Dorothy's house?

It's a tornado! You put Dorothy in there, spin the door and voila! She's on the other side in Munchkinland.

Here's the rest of the cast in front of the Emerald City.

I lost Toto and his basket somewhere along the way.

Rebecca added her own twist to the story.

Zombie Dorothy.

Weird, weird children.


~~Carol~~ said...

Oh wow, I'm speechless! If I had that Oz playset, I'd be playing with it now! That was my favorite movie as a kid, and my daughter's when she was little.
Did you see Kim's (Daisy Cottage) dollhouse? I plan on getting mine down from the attic, and decorating (playing with) them. Will we ever grow up?!

Lisa said...

I I had Dorthy but not the whole set!!!
Love Sculpy!
Junie B is always fun!
So happy Tibbles has a home!!! I'm praying it will all work perfectly!!!
Oh finding fun stuff in the freezer is the best!!!
Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Lisa

Ginger said...

Sara, you are too funny. You sure have a way with words and tell a cute story. I have never heard of Junie B but she sounds like my kind of gal. The clay mice turned out cute. And cleaning out the freezer is what I need to do. Seems like everything gets buried in there and it's like a treasure hunt each time I open it.
So happy about Tibbles finding a home. I sure hope all goes well.
I love your Wizard of Oz set, and that you kept it so well.

mgster said...

I will never, EVER, let my three grown children read your blog! NEVER! They have always expressed that I was a very "cool" mom, a creative mom. But, I would pale in comparison to you and your freezer and attic treasures. Sorry, Sara, but you will just be a secret here. When they visit I will have to have my computer turned off from now on...thanks a lot! And by the way, I would play with that Dorothy set! The tornado door is really quite clever.

mgster said...

oops! Forgot to say that I am so happy that Tibbles has found a home. What good news and a happy ending for all.

Saguaro Chick said...

Catching up on your blog! We love Junie B. We often listen to her in the car! Yes, her grammer sucks, but I think that is what is so stinkin funny about it! Wow, I had no idea when we were kids that a Wizard of Oz set like that existed! I had a barbie jet plane! I wanna come over and play Dorothy the Zombie! And then of course I had Dorothy the Zombie Slayer running through my head a moment ago.....that is great news about Tibbles!