Sunday, July 5, 2009

Women who inspire me...

My family is home and thank god because I needed to sniff those children badly.

Lily came running into my arms and held on for a long time. After 45 minutes of hardcore snuggling she was ready to get back to the important business of being 7.

Rebecca's reaction impressed me most of all. She was so cool, so "I'm happy to see you, but I can handle being apart."

I couldn't handle it anymore though. I needed my people back.

Being in my house alone for three days gave me a chance to really think about what makes my home mine and why I love being in it so much.

My home is not fussy. There are too many cats, dogs and kids around to bother with that. My floors get scratched, my sofas have slipcovers- red ones which hide an amazing amount of dirt! We live here and enjoy every inch of the house. Nothing is too precious to be used and enjoyed. The only things that can't be replaced are people and they are what gives a home a heart.

I love bright colors. First I started with yellow and then brought in green accents. Then came red. I'm kind of a red addict now.

There are a few women whose beautiful style gave me the courage to really let my house bloom.

If you haven't met Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage go look at her blog right now. I'll wait.

Amazing, huh?

I have spent hours looking at her pictures and reading her blog. I love what she does with color. I could probably move into her house today and not want to change a thing. It is that splendid.

Know what else? She is so nice! When I started blogging about 6 weeks ago I sent her an email telling her how much I love her blog and how much her style had inspired me. She sent back a long email that warmed me down to my toes.

Have you ever been to Inspire Co.? Amy writes a blog and also sells her Sugarville pieces in her Etsy shop. I love the pictures of her home. She loves color and has such a flair for whimsy! I lurve whimsy. Her living room makes me smile every time she posts a picture of it. That living room has been such a jumping off point for me.

Walking around my house I can see the influence of these talented women everywhere I go. Wanna see?

All of this leads me to the painting project I worked on yesterday. I'm going to post it tomorrow, because it will also feature my Monday giveaway. Want a hint? A paradise of craft supplies. Begins with an "M". See you tomorrow!


Lisa said...

Love your colors!! Your home looks very nice! I'm so glad your people are home!!
Hugs, Lisa

Elizabeth said...

Your home is just beautiful ! I love all the red. I think red is becoming my favorite color.

Kelly said...

Love your home, so fun and inviting! I'm a red addict too!

TwoBusy said...

I can only hope/presume that you're painting Monsters on all the walls. Anything else m-based will be a disappointment by comparison.

mgster said...

I loved looking at the pictures you posted of your home! The first word that came to my mind was "FUN". You have a FUN other words, a very happy house. I picture lots of laughing and eating and playing together. It makes me smile! :)

Jean said...

Sara, you have my kind of home. A home that is cheery and comforting and a joy to see.
Jean in virginia

marie said...

I love your home! It's so cheerful and happy! that's how I'd like my home to be. I work full-time so it's hard to make any real changes. But your blog (and several other very colorful ones) have inspired me to take it one room at a time ~ bright and colorful here we come!