Sunday, July 26, 2009

The handmade's tale...

If you've been reading this blog for even a short time you have probably noticed that I am incapable of just leaving well enough alone.

It's the reason that I keep futzing (definition: perhaps part modification, part translation of Yiddish arumfartsn zikh, literally, to fart around) with the look of my blog.

Now you know what it's like being a member of my family. Go out for coffee and when you come back every thing's changed. I need to work on my banner though because it's a little out of wack.

I was struck by two separate and only tenuously related things today.

The first is that I have figured out why Lily is being so darned difficult lately. I had the realization tonight at dinner when Lily asked for a second helping of rice and then a third helping of steak. She's having a growth spurt!

I wish I'd notice this earlier- it would save heaps of frustration for everyone.

Lily has been weepy, angry and tired all week. Impossible to please and most importantly- very hungry! You'd think I'd have put it together.

After dinner Lily was sufficiently well fed to happily play with my old dolls from the attic.

I was really struck by how many of them were homemade.

Here Lily is wearing a baby bonnet crocheted by my Aunt Evelyn.

See that canopy bed? It's made from a shoebox! No kidding! I received it as a gift when I was little.

This Raggedy Ann doll is handmade too. I can't remember who made it. If my mom does maybe she'll let me know it the comments.

The sweetest detail about this doll?

Look at that. So lovely.

When I was a kid we always went to a store called "The Doll House" on Cape Cod. It was run by a little old lady who made everything herself.

She made this kitty.

And this doll.

I still love this little doll.

All the clothes can come off and the limbs are fully movable.

Remember that little cradle?

It's also a purse!

This was my mother's Ginny doll.

My memere made the dress this doll is wearing.

I think that I need to learn to sew. Maybe it would keep me too busy to paint!

I clearly need to pay more attention to what Stanley is doing while I'm playing photographer.

He does not have the excuse of a growth spurt. He is just a bad cat.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see the dolls entertaining yet another little girl. The Raggedy Ann doll was a gift from a dear college friend. You were born on her birthday, and she had this doll made to celebrate the event. The darling hat worn by Lily was, however not crocheted by Aunt Evelyn, but by me. It was one of my earliest ventures into the wonderful world of crocheting. Four squares sewn together! Very basic and such an accomplishment at the time. I am trying to remember who made the bed... perhaps my friend Eleanor...she was always so interesting and creative. the new look of the blog


David W. Padrusch said...

Fabulous blog sweetie! Lauren, Jeff and I were saying how great a writer you are. I love you and can't wait to see you when I get home. Moo.

Jean said...

Sara, First of all, I am so happy tibbles has a new home and I will be praying it works out. I know this is such a releif for you.
Next, Handmade is always wonderful especially if it has a family history. Aren't you so pleased you kept your things so that your girls could play with them. A different kind of day is always good for everyone and good for the soul. So enjoy!
Jean in Virginia

mgster said...

Wow! I had one of those purses with the crocheted handles. I don't remember a doll coming in it. I don't even remember who made it for me. For some reason I think it was made out of a bleach bottle bottom??? (wow, say that fast three times). Your mom must be around my age because I had a Ginny doll also. And she came in a trunk with lots of clothes. I wish I had kept her. Unfortunately, I had lots and lots of poor cousins who needed our toys. I did manage to hold onto a Madame Alexander doll that my own Memere and Pepere gave me.

Pom Pom said...

You ARE a good writer! I had to comment one more time when I saw Raggedy Ann! I have an old post about Ann. I love her and bought them at antique shops a while back. Now they are all in a big Rubbermaid storage box. They need some refurbishing. I WAS going to do that this summer,but now it's almost time to go back to school. Drat. I have one that looks like your orange-haired cutie. Great post! I'm so glad I found your blog!