Friday, July 10, 2009

A Winner!

Some days begin beautifully with happy children. Today was not that day.

For some reason when I woke up this morning there were two children in bed with me. David was already up and heading for the gym.

Before they had even wiped the sleep from their eyes they were fighting about pillows, whose mommy I really am and the blanket to body ratio.

By the time they were dropped off at camp I was exhausted, which was too bad because I still had the mess in my house to contend with. What I really wanted to do was go to the junk store, but sometimes a girl has to do what must be done.

So I drank my coffee, ate my chocolate and tidied. Thank god that's done!

On to important business! We have a winner for the $25 Michaels Gift Card!

The winner is...

Saguaro Chick who left this comment:

"OMG! I am loving your houses! I am going to win that gift card...oh ya, oh ya, and then I'm off to buy those houses. I adore them! My latest project is crackling. I know, I am probably the only person on the planet to never crackle....until this week! I have had these amazing botanical pictures I have always adored, but never loved the frames. They never looked good anywhere. But I refused to get rid of them, they mean a lot to me and I would never part with them, they remind me of someone very special to me. I knew some day, some how, they would be perfect. And then I met crackle. Yep, got me a bottle of crackle. Painted the wide frame of them deep brown, put on the crackle, went over the crackle with pink....they are GORGEOUS! My kids went crazy watching the process. Watching them crackle is so much fun! Cheap thrill for all of us! Then to top it all off, I swear this is a true story, because of these perfect pictures, I finally found the perfect comforter for my bedroom! Been trying to find the perfect one for two years! I have been holding out until I found the one that made my heart go pitty pat! The minute I saw it, I thought "they will go perfect with those pictures! Perfect frames, bedroom complete! All thanks to a little bottle of crackle!"


3 comments: said...

Well Poo for me and yeah for Saguaro Chick! Have a blast with your crackle project!!
Thanks for a fun giveaway Sara!!

Lisa said...

Oh congrats Suguaro Chick! I got my B&N one today and cannot wait to spend the day there tomorrow trying to decide how to spend it! I would have loved this one too but it would look suspious if I won 2 in a row!! hehehe
Hugs and THANKS for having such fun giveaways! Lisa

Saguaro Chick said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sara! I am sooo excited! Thanks for the gift card and the great idea with your darling houses! I have a feeling they could end up crackled! LOL! Thanks again!